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    Ok, so I’m 22 years old and my life turned upside down in a day. I even remember the exact day, march 19th 2010——> Fuck that day.

    I was 19, feeling great and was a picture of perfect health. I was going to the gym almost every day, I was eating a lot of protein, living a healthy life, confident, happy, my body looked like I could star in an action movie.

    I never smoked, drank or did drugs, yet my body started messing with me for no reason.

    Constipation, diharea,incomplete bowel movments, chills, feeling of heat through my body ( stomach,back, shoulders, legs),

    sometimes it felt like a had a fever,yet I didn’t have one. At times it would also seem I had trouble with my bladder, like I would have to pee a lot and the pee would be really yellow, also the first few months I would take very little dumps and notice some blood on my paper when I wiped,

    The blood went away after a few months and the condition got a bit better.

    I had a colonoscopy done, they didn’t find anything.

    After a year passed my stomach also started giving me trouble, I felt bloated and like my stomache didn’t work properly. Went to the doctor and they checked me out, told me I had gastro reflux.

    I chaged my diet a bit and removed dairy, that’s how my situation got a bit better, well more tolerateble, but it’s still wasn’t quit gone.

    So now 1 year later I got another problem, anxiety and panic attacks, brain fog, hard time concetrating. (The anxiety seems to get better when I change my state of mined, for exp. feel really confident and feel like nothing can touch me.

    And I recently noticed some white stringy stuff in my stool, this lead me to beliave that I could have candida.

    I realize I wrote a lot more on here that just about the diet, but I wrote my experiance I guess, so that I could be understood better.

    Now as far as the diet. I think I have been on it 2 days and I have to teel you, I feel terrible!

    I am reluctant to continue it until I got to the doctor and they actually diagnose me with candida. Also, how do I get this thing diagnosed?

    Now keep in my that the things that I have been eating before the diet were: eggs with some brown bread, brown bread with chicken pate, wholegrain sphagetti with tomato sauce and garlic sesoning and oat cereal with soy or rice milk.

    For these past 2 days I have cut out regular food wheat, pate, sphagetti, i did have a bit of oat cereal, but I have been eating chicken breast meat, green salad with garlic, eggs, okay maybe a tiny bit of brown bread with eggs ,but just tiny.

    Let me tell you I feel like shit. When I went to piss a had this brown burning urin and felt like my bladder was on fire, after I passed the urin the bladder felt better, my leg muscle and joints feel tender and beat up a bit, I feel confused a bit and weak, also feel as it’s hard to think lol and concenrate, feels like my anxiety is a bit worse( all this after 2 days on the diet?)

    What the hell do I do next?

    Anyone got any advice.

    This thing has taken and trashed my life for about 2 years, these were supposed to be the best years of my life and I can’t get them back.

    So, I’m I out of line in thinking this can be candida? Or am I just loosing my mind.

    I appriciate any advice on this matter and sorry for the long text.


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    You can get rid of it by following a workable protocol. Read the one we have on the forum and decide if it’s what you want to try; if you do, or even if you don’t, we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.
    The Protocol



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    Right now you are doing a half and half diet; half strict and half bad. You need to further change your diet in order to notice any difference. Email able900 for our strict forum diet.

    The diet alone won’t get you better though, you will need to purchase many supplements and vitamins in order to get better. It sounds like right now your liver/kidneys is ailing likely due to toxins be released to it and it has to work a lot harder.

    A simple way to improve this is to flush the liver with plenty of water. Drink 80-120 oz of water per day and your urination woes should improve.

    I once had almost all of your symptoms and I actually had a pretty similar diet as well. I followed our the strict forum diet and took a bunch of supplements and now a year later I am basically symptom free.

    One way to test for candida is to get the candida immune complex test through genova diagnostics. I am unsure if this is feasible for someone to do in another country. Another thing you could do is get tested for yeast and tell your doctor you think you have a yeast overgrowth. At the same time I would get tested for liver enzymes and determine whether they are elevated. Both of these tests may be inconclusive.

    A simple way to improve your digestion is to introduce more acids such as SF722 undecenoic acid or raw organic apple cider vinegar (this is different than distilled apple cider vinegar). Your body is not producing enough hydro-chloric acid and thus it is not digesting the food you eat very well.

    In general it sounds like you have a toxicity problem, a liver/kidney issue, inflammation of the gut, and digestion problems. These combined with candida toxins can cause the anxiety. You also are likely not getting enough nutrition and are not eating a healthy enough diet.

    You feel terrible right now because of the die-off from the candida and a simple way to reduce die-off is to sweat out the toxins via the skin by doing a sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, or steam room up to 6 days a week. This can make you feel completely better instantly. You need to detox but don’t overdo it because this can be harmful as well.

    If you went to a naturopathic doctor as opposed to a western doctor they can diagnose you with candida and treat it.


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