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    A little backround. Was prescribe MASSIVE Amounts of antibiotics within a 4 month period, consisting of; amoxicillian 500mg 3x daily for 10 days, amoxicillian 1000mg 2x daily for 14 days, IV clindamycin 600mg every 8 hours for a total of 4 sessions, oral clindamycin 300mg 2x daily for 14 days. Ever since this my oily blemish free skin, is now dry flakey and greasy. Red marks everywhere, not a rash, but almost looks like one. This gets worse everyday (for the past month)
    Constant stomach upset after eating anything, wierd poop, kinda slimey with stringy things all throughout it, and very loose. Stomach always making gurgling sounds, like liquid is sloshing about in there, and always undigested food in poop. So I’ve decided to be a human experiment. I have found 2 mothers (one soon to be) who do not plan to breast feed, and have agreed to sell me there milk, this was decided upon the research on colostrum and leaky gut. So I figure human colostrum, unpasteurised would be a much more effective option. I am also in talks with my doctor (after hearing the constant noise my gut makes and staring very awkwardly at me for a timeap afterwards) to try and have HPI done rectally for large intestine/colon, and surgically for small intestine. Human breast milk is shown to have billions of probiotics, somewhere around 500 strains or something like this, and can actually POPULATE within the intestinal mucous, which any manufactured probiotics cannot do, as no matter how good.They are, they are still foreign and will not adhere permanently to the intestinal wall. So that’s my plan, a little unorthodoxted, but I actually feel confident in this plan. (children are born with intestinal permeability and sterile colons, of which breast milk is though to populate the gut and seal up the holes, something I will not be advocating to these mothers who have agreed to sell me their milk.

    Wish me luck, I’ll let you all know how this turns out. So long as my doctor can convince whoever he has to convince to give me fecal transplants, rectally and surgically.

    I wonder if I should have the human breast milk/colostrum injected surgically into my intestines as well…I don’t know how well a babies bile or acid stomach work, so this might be why it is able to colonize in the babies intestines, and maybe my acid or bile will kill all positive bacteria? Either way, I’ll be ingesting hundreds of strains with probably hundreds of billions to trillions live human probiotics…. We’ll see how it goes.


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    Oh my God, that much antibiotics and you are still among us? LOL Darn! Good luck with breast milk! I believe it will help you greatly. In my opinion, no need to inject it into your intestines. Just drink it to see how much it helps.

    Let us know how you are doing.


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    Intrigued! They recommend it for children on the autism diet too (which is exactly the same diet for treating candida).
    Also little fyi…oxygen or H202 Is also used for treating many many things but one of which is killing fungus (which it did mine)…H202 is found in high amounts in colostrum. ; )

    I have no doubt this will help you.

    GOOD LUCK and I am anxious to hear how it helps you in your journey.
    Take care
    : )


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    The one thing you are wrong about is that there is one human derived probiotic and its called HMF neuro. The only unfortunate thing is that it won’t contain the same diversity and numbers as raw milk.

    One thing I would be concerned with is the amount of toxins found in milk, so this is my only criticism for your idea.

    It takes a very long time to get over candida overgrowth so I would be wary of a single treatment that can supposedly bring about a cure. If you don’t have the right environment within the gut, the probiotics won’t repopulate.



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    So are you getting regular breast milk or actual colostrum, which a mother only produces for 3 days immediately after birth? I find the premise interesting, but I question the ethics of depriving a newborn of colostrum.


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    I have tried lactoferrin/colostrum on several occasions, and even though I am not ingesting milk. As Able said, rather the whey from lactoferrin, I still believe I get a reaction. I just cannot handle milk, even derivatives! I watch very closely for things that have ingredients that even say casein/whey. I do wish you luck though! It is sad because I would like to supplement with lactoferrin b/c I need the iron. However, I think I might try that purabsorb b/c I think I read on here from Able that it is 100% pure natural spring iron that won’t feed candida.

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