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    I’m on day 28 of my candida diet and have had the worst bloating EVER for the last 2 weeks or so! It’s just not subsiding – Is this normal?!
    I’m generally ok during the day but after my evening meal the bloating starts and it’s absolute torture – I’ve spent this whole weekend extremely bloated and uncomfortable.
    I will admit that I did cheat on Friday and had fish and chips for my lunch – Never again! I felt so ill after them! I felt as if the oil from the chips was somehow repeating on me, as if it was burning my throat. I don’t think that’s the cause of the bloating though as it has been ongoing for almost 2 weeks and I have stuck rigidly to the diet otherwise.
    Some of my symptoms have improved but others are still flaring up, i.e. awful dry skin patches on my face. I cannot eat fruit at all as it makes me unbelievably hungry – It’s as if any amount of sugar is triggering the candida.
    I am also constipated almost all of the time. I had been taking coconut oil – Approx 2/3 tablespoons per day but blamed the bloating on that so haven’t taken it since Wednesday (It is now Sunday). The last two days I have experienced burning after urinating also – I’m thinking this is because my kidneys are finding it difficult to cope with the level of die-off. I’m drinking lots of water, green tea and nettle tea so I’m definitely not dehydrated.
    Has anybody else experienced such bloating/constipation/die off and if so, do you have any remedies? I feel that I have had candida since I was 10 and am now almost 26 so that’s quite a long time – It’s obviously very stubborn!
    Any advice will be highly appreciated.
    Many thanks


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    i have a feeling it might be the coconut oil that might have caused the bloating also the toxins from die off can cause it. are you taking supplements ie milk thistle for liver cleanse? and physillium husks to stop the constipation? i find these a great help 🙂 . also its best not to drink green tea as it has caffeine in it and caffeine feeds the candida. i went to an amazing naturopath and nutritionist for all my advice, ok it was expensive but worth every penny . i hope this advice helps 🙂 if you want any more dont be afraid to ask kaye x


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    Hi Kaye
    Thanks so much for your reply and your advice!
    I think I will stay away from the coconut oil for a while and maybe re-introduce in a few weeks. I haven’t taken either milk thistle or physillium husks. I have been taking vitamin C and vitamin D every day. Will definitely buy the milk thistle and physillium husks tomorrow if I can.
    Thank you so much for the advice on the green tea – I would never have imagined that it would have caused an issue. I usually drink at least 4 large mugs of it per day but will completely stop that now. I’m assuming the nettle tea is ok?
    I’m so frustrated with all my symptoms and the continuous flare-ups but I am determined to beat the candida and am so happy with my symptoms that have actually cleared up so far!
    What is your advice on eggs, nuts and fish? I have been told not to eat any of the three but I find that nuts are so useful to snack on during the day and really handy to have!
    I have a million and one questions but finding this site really useful and informative!
    Thank you so much again, I really appreciate your help!
    Michelle x

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