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    Yesterday I found out that I will probably need to take antibiotics. I have an abscessed tooth and from previous experience, they will want me to take antibiotics. I was down with Candida for 8 months and have made great strides to where I was just about symptom free. I remain on the diet, probiotics and nystatin. Help! The thought of going back to square one is stressing me out.


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    Hi, Sally.

    The reason the antibiotics cause yeast or Candida problems is because it kills the beneficial bacteria along with the bad bacteria. An abundance of beneficial bacteria normally signifies a well-working immune system, and these two positives will prevent yeast from turning into a fungal form. If you have to take an antibiotic, ask the doctor if Ampicillin will work for your infection as the Candida is less likely to be as bad with this antibiotic. But even with Ampicillin you will need to go back on the Candida diet if youโ€™re not already. Also, you should purchase a high count and strain of a good probiotic and begin taking it before starting the antibiotic. A good one is Ultimate Flora Critical Colon BifidoMAX 80 Billion 14-Strain Probiotic.



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    Thank you AGAIN Able! As per your recommendation to my General Discussion – Probiotics Maintenance, I had already ordered the Ultimate Flora when I found out about my abscessed tooth. It is the 50 billion one. Should I double up on this or order the 80 billion one?


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    Start at a lower billion count and then move slowly higher. I started at 30 billion, am going to 50 billion soon, and maybe eventually 80 billion myself.


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    Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ I had to go on antibiotics repeatedly during my anti-candida diet. I completely agree with Able… the probiotics were the ticket for me. However, you’ll want to space them out with your antibiotics to make sure you’re getting the fullest benefit of both. If you’re on an every 4 hour antibiotic, for instance, you might consider taking a dose of probiotics 2 hours after each antibiotic dose. If you take them together, according to some sources, you’re likely to just cancel out the probiotic benefits because the antibiotics nail them right away. Besides that, you’re using up some of your antibiotic to “kill” the probiotic and it’s not getting to the bacteria it was prescribed to kill. So, you’ll want to alternate with a decent span of time between each antibiotic/probiotic dose. I did the same thing with yogurt and kefir, by the way. I took the antibiotic by itself, with no probiotics in any form for around 2 hours afterward. I also tried to avoid the probiotics too soon before the next antibiotic dose. By the time I had my probiotics up to 90 billion a day, I didn’t have any side effects from the antibiotics. I took one-two 15 billion capsules, 3-4x per day.

    Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Just follow directions from your doctor. It is a serious matter, infection might occur if you will not obey. However, antibiotic resistance in humans is a growing problem. The FDA is attempting to tackle this issue by limiting the use of a few antibiotics in agricultural applications.

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