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    Ok so when i was younger i didn’t know how bad antibiotics and i did not understand that after every cycle i should do probiotics right after. Anyways i did two cycles of antibiotics and i also drank alot as a i was a college student in a party phase, also ate pizza and poorly although was never fat i was in afct very skinny. Well when i was about 23 i started developing really bad stomach aches. I went to a doctor and a gastorlosigt. Both determined that they couldn’t find anything. After years i would suffer from severe stomach aches but not always. I would get upset tummy alot when eating fast food or anything really but it wasn’t that bad i would go to the bathroom relieve myself and i would normally be ok. However i would get those severe pain in my stomach and upper and lower abdomen maybe once a month sometimes once every 2 months.It feels like someone either punched my in the gut or like i swallowed a piece of glass. I have been highly constipated to the point i needed help from at the time my ex, three times in the last 2 years. Also i have had a fingernail infection twice although that seems to go away with regular toe fungal nail cream. However i have also dealt with anxiety and depression out of nowhere and struggled with lack of sleep for the last year. Even before when i slept i would wake up and be so fatigued. Well now lately i have felt like neck and headaches and feeling dizzy and foggy. I also crave crave crave sugar. I feel i have systemic candida. I have cut out sugar 99% of it i probably eat less then 5 grams of sugar a day,i have also cut back on carbs but that is alot harder. I have heard you have to cut out carbs but at the same time i have heard not everyone does. Anyways the anxiety or sever anxiety has gone away sane with depression. I also have a penile yeast infection and have had one for about a year. Its on my foreksin that looks red at times if i master bate and it looks wrinkling, however my scrotum looks red and like its been burned it doesn’t itch anymore or anything but nothing works.the doctor gave me three creams including nyastin and also diflcuan both didnt work. I have also tried lamisil and lomitrin and nothing. I have been eating alot healthier and also using anti fungal things not only on me penile yeast infection. I have started taking probiotics for now three months, how long should i take those for. Also i heard rotating anti fungal should be switched or altered. I have coconut oil, black walnut pills, pau d arco capsules, raw garlic, and i just bought apple cidar viengar with the mother and grapefruit seed extract to add to the mix, how long should i rotate and use those and also it true i can use those on my actual skin.My doctor and everyone i talk to dont seem to believe you could have an overgrowth of bad bacteria. I have gone three times or four for 4 creams and the pills and they did nothing. Can anyone please give me advice if im to add something or doing anything wrong or what any other advice. I cant stand looking at my own privates so i cant imagine anyone else would =( so sad to say i cant live a normal life anymore

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