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    I’m not diagnosed candida, but I highly suspect that is what is happening. I’ve been tested for all kinds of things, and they always come back negative. This started after a cat bite, and subsequent rounds of antibiotics.

    Basically, I’m trying to get on the right diet, but I can’t really eat all that many greens it seems. Its really hard on my gut. For about four days now (recurring episode) my stomach has been upset 24/7. Its like I cant digest veggies or something because I end up just feeling weak. I do all right with spinach.

    Beyond this, I break out in hives, have a chronic headache, my entire body aches, and I am always tired. IT’s getting really depressing, because I don’t have insurance, and the community doctors don’t have the time a day for someone like me. I”m 22 years old, and I just want to shoot myself sometimes. I never feel healthy, or normal. Ever.

    does anyone know of an alternative diet, I can give a try, or a gentler one, because I’m at a loss. It seems easier to just chow on a burger or something, because its easier to digest. But I NEED to kill this candida. I don’t have a job, no money. And I’m running in circles. Thankyou in advance.


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    It sounds like you are experiencing die-off symptoms. Typically when you kill candida you feel worse before you feel better. There are ways to prevent die-off though, but it typically involves spending money. We have some posts about it on the sticky post at the top.

    An alternative to eating veggies would be to juice them and drink that for a period of time.

    Hydrochloric acid (HCL) is another supplement along with digestive bitters than can aid digestion. Theres a ton of supplements that can aid digestion, it just costs a bit of money.



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    Why do you think you have a Candida even though you were not diagnosed with it? There is always the possibility that you don’t have a Candida but some other digestive imbalance that makes you feel so unwell. Especially since you find it hard to digest vegetables while you are ok digesting a burger? Maybe you can’t handle fiber that well for example. Raw vegetables and salads can be hard to digest especially for people with leaky gut, so try steamed or sauted or making pureed soups. Then again juicing works well too as Raster said. But in general it sounds to me that you’d be better of eating foods that you know and can feel that are easy to digest and better for your system. It could be also that you need to build up your tolerance of veggies over time especially if you did not eat much of that stuff before.

    What could be contributing to you feeling so poorly could be forcing yourself to eat stuff that you are not able to digest and that therefore leaves you malnutiritioned as you are not absorbing the nutrients. That’s why it’s good to find information in forums like this but in the end of the day you will need to discover for yourself what works and does not work for you.


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    helpless wrote:

    does anyone know of an alternative diet, I can give a try, or a gentler one, because I’m at a loss. It seems easier to just chow on a burger or something, because its easier to digest. But I NEED to kill this candida. I don’t have a job, no money. And I’m running in circles. Thankyou in advance.

    Hi mate,

    Yes I do! First of all don’t desperate I was where you are and I got out of if after doing my thing. I will tell you my thing and its up to you to follow me or not.

    1. First get your mind set on healing!

    Not that you want to be healed or fighting your unwellness but look into yourself for the quite space of being. You see you experience sickness but you are not sick. Like you experience rain but you are not rain. You go out and you get wet. But you can change, take some cloth on, get an umbrella, change your mind and dance in the rain but all you do is experiencing rain in a different manner.

    What I want from you is that you dont fight what is. Dont fight symptoms, you fight what is and loose the battle. But if you know that you are not what you are fighting you have a choice to choose another frequency of being.

    Meditate on what I am writing and you will see that if you see what I am talking about you wake up to the fact that you are not sickness but the witness of it.
    This makes a very big difference of being a victim or not.
    Accepting what is doesn’t mean that you like what is but you are not in war with it!
    Its more like by choice embracing with love your enemy. Its your choice to be a victim or not.

    2. See what you are!
    Before you looked at your symptoms and got the believe that you are sick and you felt sick. Now, if you do what I say you still may or may not have symptoms but one thing you dont feel any-more that YOU are sick. Sickness is, symptoms are but you are not it and out of that little space you can see what you are. What you are is healthy. When you see that frequency and feel it, play with it, see your body experiencing what you experience now in your spirit. At that point often I lost conciousness of my symptoms until I happen to think. Am I healed now, lets check….oh shit I am sick. LOL And again I had to start to change my believe and the sypthoms changed and vanished with my believe too. In the beginning it was a dance.

    3. Take that little space of freedom to experiment.
    One thing what happens is now that you experience freedom from fear and can act.

    4. Experimentation

    Lets heal your leaky gut! Stop with everything you do, supplements, probiotica, eating greens, antifungals etc.
    Than do a three day water fasting. Clean your guts with a warm water enema to get rid of the old faces so you dont suffer headaches, joint pains etc while starting the fast. After 3 days you should start feeling much better because your guts got time to rest. If you feel real good you can do one day more if you wish. All the good feeling of your body move together in your mind with the healing vision. Here now its important to know that you are not healing yourself but your body experience what you are and gets aligned with your believe.

    Its easy when you feel good again to believe, ahh now I start healing. What kind of believe is behind it. That of you are sick and getting well. The moment the body acts up again you are crushed and loose a lot of energy. No, my friend, its only the body align itself with that what you are.

    5. Start eating.
    Get yourself some bones from a cow an boil the for 2 hours. Add some Himalayan- salt to it. Eat the bone marrow. Make yourself these brews for 2 days and eat as much as you like. Buy yourself L-glutamine and take everyday 20 g with the breakfast.

    6. Dont eat high fibre veggies, no nuts, no oats, bran and stuff with high fibre.
    7. If you experience constipation now, take 20 g a day of linseed. Linseed will loosen up your faces but will not be used by intestine bacteria.

    7. Eat a low fibre diet for 3 weeks. You can eat white bread, yes that one which is considered unhealthy. If you eat veggies take of the skin or boil them etc dont take too much especially in the beginning. Hold yourself in the beginning to your bone brews.

    8. After 3 weeks you should feel real good, your energies come back etc. Remember then that you are healty, will always be but it still can rain at the time but you dont panic about that. You only write down what happens to you and create a own diet. If the going gets tuff you only cut back on the things which are working.

    9. Keep your mind open and experiment systematically.

    10. If you believe that you have candida do a test in the laboratory to know and do your own testing.

    PS: Very important! Dont eat after 20. 00 hours. Have a natural fast for the rest of your life. 😉 Yes, I mean it! Eat between 8.00 a clock in the morning and not later than 20.00 hours. Your guts are anyhow not working in the nigh and it creates havoc to have the guts full while you try to get a good rest. Start with it today!

    If you have questions or want to tell me about your process, write me a PM I will answer and help you!

    all the best!


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    Self-diagnosing can be a risky business, especially based on generalised symptoms. Antibiotics lead to a crapshoot in terms of how your gut flora ends up, and the odds of a bad outcome are shortened if there are pre-existing health problems. If you spent any time in a hospital during your treatment, then the crapshoot turns into a lottery.

    Unless you have a typical case of candida overgrowth, which seems to involve bloating below the naval and recurrent yeast infections, you’ll have to experiment. Candida can colonise other areas of the GI tract too, so nothing is straightforward. When there’s bloating above the naval soon after eating, it seems more typically a bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Intolerance to vegetables and certain fruits (FODMAPs) are a sign of SIBO or other bacterial problems too. You may experience GERD in this scenario. Experimenting with a low-FODMAP diet that still contains sugar might help to alleviate symptoms and rule out candida.

    Unfortunately, undoing the damage done by antibiotics is a long-term commitment, especially if your diet and lifestyle wasn’t very healthy to begin with. If you switch to a wholefoods diet, you should notice some level of improvement, and from there you can experiment with variations until you find what works. Thomas’ suggestions of gelatin-rich foods like bone broth and reducing fibre-rich vegetables are worth following.

    This may sound random, but adding a daily raw carrot to your diet (also suitable on low-FODMAPs diet) can help clean up some of the bacterial waste in your colon, which might reduce some of your symptoms. I’ve been meaning to post the research on this one.


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    Thanks so much for your replies. My frustrations with doctors telling me I have irritable bowel syndrome, and not really looking into it, and feeling progressively worse over the years, led me to search the internet. I have been wrong before, but I’m almost certain its candida. There are many reasons why.

    I had a yeast infection as a teen. I’ve been on antibiotics 5 times, each time I took them I felt worse, often needing weeks for recovery. I did the spit test, and my saliva almost immediately sinks in stringy formations. My diet was before primarily bread-based foods, and dairy. Very little fruits or veggies. I’ve got the headaches, my whole body hurts, and I have allergic reactions to heat.

    My doctors don’t seem to really give a damn, they just med me up and never stop to look at what could be wrong. I don’t have insurance, I’m too sick to work, and the state wont help. Excuse me for complaining, but its frustrating as hell. It feels like I’m falling apart.

    So I started prilosec and amitryptiline yesterday, and nothing positive yet. I’m a bit worried about taking them actually.

    I’m not sure its die-off, it could be. I just got started for real yesterday. But I’ve been taking acv and antifungals for about a week now.

    Actually the acv has helped alot. there was a couple of days there where I almost felt normal again.

    I will have to do more research I guess. Look into SIbo. I”m not really sure I”m capable of fasting, I get really weak and trembly.

    I had alot of success with stir fry last night though, I fried my veggies soft, in olive and coconut oil and added beef. Do you think beef is a bad Idea? It seems to sooth my gut. Any meat does really. But yea, since yesterday, and gradually until then, I’ve been eating healthier. Learning to cook. Thanks alot, I’ll keep you guys posted.


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    Hi helpless! I can so relate to your frustration. It seems to me that doctors either don’t know enough to be able to help with problems like this, or they don’t have the time and patience to investigate properly. So you often end up dealing with it on your own. The internet is a great source for information that can possibly empower you to find answers. At the same time it can be dangerous to just jump into conclusions based on something you read on the internet. Apparently the spit test is not enough to diagnose Candida for example.

    And while you look for information and try different approaches just remember to pay attention to your body’s feedback as well. If avc makes you feel better, that’s great; good idea to keep using it. If stir fried veggies didn’t cause any problems for you, then that might be a good way for you to prepare your veggies. And if you feel that the meat is soothing for your gut, I don’t see why not have it. Until you know for sure that Candida is the problem, I’d go for the foods that you know you are able to digest. Foods that feel soothing and good, that don’t irritate your body. Building strength might be the first step towards healing anyhow.

    Even though you are feeling so bad at this moment just remember that your strength is that you want to get better, you want to heal! You are looking for answers and in time you will find them I’m sure. Don’t give up on yourself.


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    The beef might be a bit “controversial” because of the protocol on the forum. Anything in excess is likely to cause some kind of problem, and I’d try balancing the amino acids from animal protein with other parts of the animal (do you like oxtail soup?), and try to mix in eggs and kefir. Varied protein sources will likely mean varied nutrients.

    I posted a study somewhere showing that omnivores had a lower stool pH than vegetarians, but they also ate more complex carbohydrates. Like with anything in nutrition, stool pH is multifactoral, and it doesn’t appear that protein choice is the deciding factor. Not supplying glucose through carbohydrate results in ammonia production because of the increased need for protein, which either comes from diet or muscle wasting. What effect does this have on stool pH?

    You need to work towards health, and obsessing over food can work against you. A member recently posted about developing a protein deficiency because of this. So yeah, if beef makes you feel good then eat it, but what’s most important is nutrition, and it’s hard to get this from relying on any one food, so do experiment.

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