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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could possibly help/have ideas. My cousin is a type 2 Diabetic and the Candida diet was recommended to her to help with her sugar levels and A1C. She followed this diet for 30 days and it helped tremendously, however it actually started to drop her sugar too low. The doctor told her to add more carbs, but she is unsure (as am I) on what carbs that could be added without compromising the overall diet. Thanks in advance.


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    The candida diet is designed to combat candida.

    If I understand you correctly, your cousin does not have a candida problem, only a diabetes problem. This diet happens to relieve the diabetes problems – which is good. But it works a bit too well.

    So I think she can safely add carbs. That will help repair her sugar levels. And it will not be a problem in the diet, because she didn’t have a candida problem to start with.


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