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    Hi All,

    I have been battling vaginal yeast infections for about a year on and off and did complete multiple rounds of antibiotics.

    I began the Candida diet, its been about 2 months. I am down 20 pounds (I was 145 about 126..and I hate it) I take coconut oil in tea daily, probiotics, vitamin C, mutli vitamins, digestive enzymes before meals, oil of oregano, and recently purchased yeast-cleanse by Solaray.

    I still do not feel well, I am running out of options. My vaginal issues randomly come back with inflammation and discharge and I have constipation occasionally.

    What should I do next? I saw Molybdenum, SF722, and milk thistle. Is anyone at the same step I am? I think I need to begin to break down the walls and flush the candida out of my system.

    Any advice would be helpful!


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