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    I am 21, 5 foot 7, and was 145 lbs (from like 157 in July-August) last time I weighed myself a few days ago (between breakfast and lunch I believe?). My goal is to lose more weight, preferably down to about 130. This is my MyFitnessPal log for today & is a good indicator of me on a typical day. I don’t usually try fancy things because I don’t have much time to cook (barely enough to cook chicken and fish) and much money to buy extra stuff (I have to buy almost everything myself, I’m unemployed, with the exception of online working on Amazon Mechanical Turk (doesn’t pay as much as a real job would) & in college, and I am the only one in my whole family who is on the Candida Diet, so there’s not much understanding from others in my family).

    What substitutions can I make so I can lose more weight, without starving myself?
    SHOULD I even really be losing more weight?

    I do not eat things like bread, rice, and fruit (I can’t even handle raw carrots!) because they all feed yeast (Candida).
    I have been on the Candida diet for about 6 months because I have a yeast infection (confirmed by my gynecologist & she recommended this diet to me after she told me about my test results, over the phone).

    I know what you may be thinking with 6 months.
    I’ve had symptoms for years and still do SOMETIMES, to this second.
    My gynecologist knows that and said that this is going to be a long journey to recovery for me.

    ***I just did the math from my MyFitnessPal entries and I eat about 1200-1300 calories a day (counting and subtracting exercise calories).


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    If you really want to lose weight, you just have to stay active throughout the day. Your diet looks good.

    I do it by walking wherever I can.

    But if you really want to shift fat, you should look into the role that fatty acids have on metabolism aswell as other mircro-nutrients such as L-carnitine (which is produced in people’s livers) – it seems you are too focused on macro’s in your diet.

    CLA is a prime example of a fatty acid that is known to have many positive health benefits and can reduce visceral body fat if supplemented in your daily routine.

    Just look around, gain knowledge. Find out what you can afford and implement in your nutrition – just optimise it, you know more about your body’s needs than anyone else does. All it takes is the motivation to want to learn more about nutrients and the body’s processes involving them.

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