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    Hi everyone. I have taken diflucan in the past (prescribed by integrative medicine doc) because of significant intestinal candida. The diflucan raised my liver levels and created lots of fatigue, so the diflucan was discontinued. Now the doc has me taking nystatin (as of yesterday)and it must be working…. tremendous fatigue and brain fog!

    Since I am new to the candida diet/plan, I am wondering if I should take the herbal antifungals along with the nystatin? I presently take a coconut milk probiotic, SAM-e, Vit. D3 liquid, rhodiola-400 mg, vitamin B complex, and fish oil. The doc wants me to add zinc and an amino acid blend. Is it okay to take the grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, and candida clear? Would a combination of nystatin and antifungals clobber me or be helpful? I ordered a bottle of candidate tonight …. I could sure use it right now! 🙂 Thanks for any suggestions/advice!


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    I wouldn’t take gse or oregano of oil because it would kill good bacteria, candida clear should be ok. To combine a systematic fungal with nystatin is best. Better then candida clear would be sf722 which should be ready to order April first

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