NAC helping where Molyb & B5 do not

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    It’s still early in my testing, but I may have finally found a solution to my kidney irritation. Kombucha and homemade sauerkraut, as well as antifungals often cause me to wake up in the morning with sore kidneys. sometimes I would wake up with night sweats around the kidney area. I also wake at night often. Molybdenum is the only thing I’ve found that allows me to fall back asleep in that case. But it wasn’t doing anything for the kidney irritation. Even at 750mg/day they would still be sore (the soreness would be gone all day though). NAC seems to be helping. A low dose did nothing, but I’ve bumped it to 600mg x 4/day (every 6 hours per its half life). Pantethine actually made the kidney soreness much worse. Next I will try Pantethine with the NAC. The weird urine smell & foam hasn’t gone away though. Perhaps I’m a poor methylator?

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