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    Why I am/was on the diet: Recurring vaginal yeast infections (that hurt my relationship with my partner and even more so my self-esteem) for just over a year. Tried everything else – cotton underwear, better washing routines, no shaving and so much more – nothing helped.

    How I went about the diet: I tried to start with a cleanse but seeing as I had an extremely unhealthy diet before, switching to only vegetables seemed impossible to readjust to, so I budged on the first day and went straight into the “normal” Candida diet. I’m quite proud to say that I stuck to it almost without cheating for three months (there were some glasses of red wine here and there) and then I started to transition back to normal food (I’m still transitioning by the way).

    Antifungals: In the beginning of the diet I took an antifungal pill (Diflucan) at first three times one week, and thereafter once every week for 9 weeks. After that I didn’t take any antifungals. However I tried to be mindful of the foods with antifungal properties mentioned on the site, like garlic, coconut oil and turmeric.

    Probiotics: I also took (and still take) probiotics every day, mostly twice a day. In the beginning I used Probion Daily, but then I switched to Innate Flora 20 – 14. The Innate Flora ones are more expensive, but also a lot more effective. (I also got into the habit of taking a multivitamin pill every day, because hey – it couldn’t hurt, right?)

    My experience: In the beginning it was of course hard to stick to the diet, and the hardest thing for me was having to always plan my meals, and never being able to go out and eat with my friends and boyfriend. I had cravings in the beginning, but they got more bearable as time passed. I noticed that my tastebuds had changed – simple things like walnuts suddenly seemed to have a really sweet taste to me! A really important thing if you want to be able to stick to this diet is variation – of course you’ll feel bored and more prone to cheat if you only eat salad every day! Also, the recipes on this site is truly golden, especially all the dessert ones (and I looove the falafel recipe as well!).

    I lost weight also, and strangely enough some weight just transitioned from being belly fat to hip fat (I even got stretch marks) – but I like the look of big hips, so I actually liked that! My dad told me my skin looked great and that I looked really fit and healthy, which is always nice to hear.

    I’m now in the process of transitioning back to normal food – I eat rice crackers (made of unmilled rice), pasta made of beans and chickpeas, and I have even started eating regular nachos and crisps lately. And the best part of it all – I’ve been infection free since I started the treatment and there’s no sign of it coming back~

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