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    I´ve been on the diet for a few weeks and have to say I started to feel really good – Hurray – but last weekend my willpower went out of the window – I had a campero with the works on it chicken, salad, cheese etc (thats a big bread roll to anyone who does not know what a campero is) also had one or two ice cream covered with chocolate. I think I am now paying the price for my lack of willpower. The aches I had in my arms which were so much better are back, I feel bloated have indigestion – basically all of the symptoms that were going or had gone are back. Am I going to have to start the diet from the beginning again and it´s going to take me weeks to feel better or is this just a blip and it will not take so long for the symptoms to start to go away. I am so angry with myself I could cry – I was starting to feel really good 🙁


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    Hi Maggie,
    Last time this happened to me I paid for it for about a week. I guess in terms of recovery it’s maybe set you back a couple of weeks.


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    Considering that at least some of your reactions are back, you have definitely set yourself back from the place you had reached, which means that you have to stick with the diet as close to 100% as possible.

    If you think the lack of will power is your problem, the next time you’re tempted with something you know you shouldn’t eat, instead of thinking about the food and how good it would taste, concentrate on how and what you were feeling when you wrote your post; the aching arms, bloating, and indigestion. Then ask yourself which had you rather live with; the way you’ve been feeling or the food you’re being tempted by.

    Maybe I’m just different, but I don’t see it as will power as much as I do making the decision that you’d rather have health and wellness over a few minutes of a pleasant tasting food … followed by a longer period of misery.


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    will power is a tough thing. Was really good for so long, but after 6 months was sick of eating the same things. Started cheating more and more, so now back to where started (well maybe not quite as bad, but it’s there). Have learned that it’s best just not to cheat, since will only lead to more cheating. Strengthening my will power. I think the longer you stay on this the easier it is to strengthen your will power, sicne you start missing foods less and less. The key is to find things to replace them with that make you just as happy so you don’t feel like your missing out.

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