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    –Skip down if you don’t want to read the story and just hit my questions.

    First off all I would like to say is WOW! All the pieces have fallen together, so lets start it off.

    It all starts in middle school 7th grade, where every night I would have ice cream, and then waffles in the morning. During school I would have gas and would always go to the bathroom to let it out. Also, my mom would always drive me and my friends home from school everyday, and I would hold in some of the gas at the end because I couldn’t leave 6th period and I would let it out in the car (yes i know gross) but it was funny and we would joke about it. I also was diagnosed with asthma at this time. This is when my candida started.

    Now this continues on untill 8th, 9th, and 10th grade, the same bloating and having bad gas. Except in 9th grade, I would of course have ice cream, but then would always have cereal in the morning (skim so more lactose yey) because I loved cinnamon toast crunch. I would have it as snacks during the day also when I got home. Sooner or later this bad gas and bloating turns into something worse. I would have cereal and now instead of just having gas, I would have extreme pains in my stomach to where I would have to put my head down in class. I would go to the clinic in my highschool call my parents to pick me up, and then use the restroom in the clinic and destroy it lol. Anyways this goes on for a month or two until I go to the doctors. They diagnose it and say that I have become lactose intolerant.

    Yet guess what? I now realized that I became lactose intolerant in seventh grade. Since my body stopped producing lactase in 7th grade, the milk moved down to my colon where my good bacteria would undergo fermentation which produces a lot of gas. The bacteria that ferments the lactose is lactobacillus acidophilus. I believe this is when the yeast started growing, since I ingested so much lactose, not only did the bacteria ferment it, but so did the yeast. And when an antibacterial was prescribed, bacteria was removed from the gut and the yeast grew like crazy. As the years went on, my body had less bacteria (specifically lactobacillus acidophilus) which caused me to have massive stomach pains and diarrhea.

    The same time this happened sophomore year, I started getting acne. I couldn’t get rid off it so my doctors prescribes anti-bacterials for flare ups. This is when things it got worse. More symptoms of candida started to pop up like depression, and insomnia, foggy brain (people would joke around how I was out of it). Quiting the soccer team after freshman year, starting to smoke pot, etc. Junior and Senior year were terrible, had random depression etc.

    During probably the middle of freshman year at college things started to get better. I’m guessing since I had a meal plan I would always go there. I always drank water there, and there pasta section was disgusting so I never ate there. The majority of food I would eat was meat and vegetables. Sure enough my I would be less depressed, made a lot of friends by the end of the semester. Since I didn’t kill all the yeast off, here comes the relapse. After returning from winter break about a month in I find out that they have chicken sandwiches on buns. And since I started running a lot and working out, I start eating tons of them (a lot more wheat). I also start parting a lot more and drinking a lot more alcohol (pretty bad amounts at a time). The symptoms come back and are a lot worse. Now I have ibs, and have to be very careful to what I eat. My sexual arousal has decreased enough for me to visit a urologist.

    Fast forward to summer I start drinking a hell of a lot more, eating a lot of bread products, etc.

    Other information:

    *Extremely tired after eating bread
    *Night Sweats my whole life
    *Respiratory problems (asthma)
    *Allergies, and food allergies
    *Sexual arousal decreased/problems went to see urologist.
    *Very strong weird kind of taste in my mouth in the morning

    Anyways from all this information I’m pretty damn sure I have candida.

    I didn’t do the cleanse because I think that is overkill and just started the candida diet. The first three days were miserable and had a massive head-ache like expected when you start killing yeast. Since then it has gone away and now the die-off symptoms have lessened.

    On the road to recovery.


    1. I began having die-off symptoms in the beginning when I started the diet. I am using a natural anti-fungal grapefruit seed extract, but I am not having any die-off symptoms. Should I try or use something else? What about diflucan?

    2. Since I mix the grapefruit seed extract with water, do you believe it is making it to the yeast in the gut and colon? Or just being absorbed before it can make its way there?

    3. My acne is directly related to this. I take probiotics, i’m clear. If I eat a lot of bread, drink alcohol, etc I get cysts. Anyone know how this is related?

    4. How long do you think till I get better since this has been going on for quite a long time?

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