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    I am two weeks into the candida diet. After one-week in, I switched to the Strict Diet (albeit I’m allergic to eggs, so am just eating veggies, avocado, and hemp seeds right now) that Able sent to me (so I’ve been on that for five days). I’m noticing a few things and just want to make sure it’s all okay.

    • I have terrible bad breath. My mouth feels tastes bad. My partner says I have a new smell, overall.

    • I noticed my tongue this morning was “thick” and white. I scraped it. My issue with candida was never with my mouth—all in my gut—but I feel like my tongue must have yeast on it now? Is that what it is?

    • My stomach is bloated and extremely gassy. Pretty smelly stuff, and I go back and forth between dry and loose stools.

    • Energy is pretty low.

    I am taking caprylic acid, a tablespoon of coconut oil a day, and trying to increase fresh garlic.

    I just started spirulina, Vitamin C, milk thistle, and nettle leaf tea. I have yet to start on molybdenum.

    I’m assuming I’m going through a yeast die-off? Just haven’t done this before, so wanted to check-in.


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    It sure sounds like you are going through the expected die-off. Make sure you read through the forum stickies as this topic has been answered before:

    Also, remember, your body is NOT just going through die-off. Any time a person goes from a unhealthy diet to a strict, healthy one, your body releases MANY toxins. Expect this to get harder before it gets easier. Keep your focus on the end result, you, and your health.

    All the best,

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