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    OK, I’m back with my results so far after the 7-day cleanse. It’s good, and not so good.

    I did enemas for the first few days then swiftly upped the ante and attended colonics every two days for three sessions. It got a LOT of matter out of me—the most noticeable amount being the last session which was just a few days ago, after 5 days of water fasting.

    I went from around 74kg to 61kg in the space of just a week and at the end of it, the external symptoms were incredibly subdued and had regressed a lot… but had not disappeared as I’d hoped.

    I have been using chlorophyl twice a day, oil of oregano caps (internal and external—I simply slashed the cap and rubbed the oil on the area), black walnut tincture, milk thistle and pau d’arco, raw garlic and coconut oil (internal and external) to try to destroy the candida (one to two tablespoons a day). I’ve gotten my hands on Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and been taking that internally and externally with mixed results (one time my candida exploded, others it’s just burned like crazy). I’ve experienced some big die-off effects from all of this, and some smaller ones.

    I’ve been taking pantothenic acid, high-strength acid-free vit c caps, and acidophilus & bifidus caps to try to balance my body. Not sure how effective this has been.

    I’ve also been taking bentonite clay and psyllium husk drinks to detox the gut in-between hydrotherapy sessions which seemed to work a real treat.

    My elbows have gotten a lot worse (they started off almost unnoticeable but now they’re larger and itchier spots) but under my arm has gotten much better (started off huge, bleeding and leaking plasma but is now smaller, less itchy and smoother and does not bleed or leak plasma anymore… see the image below for a before image). I have tiny single red spots that are itchy that have popped up around my body. No doubt these are from the candida die-off and are completely natural during a cleanse.

    My under-arm rash (before):
    My elbow rashes (now):
    Chest spots (now):

    I went on to the second phase of the diet which was to reintroduce foods and go on a strict protocol. However, the symptoms weren’t yet gone—I was simply following the diet guidelines telling myself it would be OK (when I kinda knew it wouldn’t) and the first day I overdid it by eating too much. I got short-sighted and anxious to eat again.

    The symptoms have worsened and now I’m getting back to the same position from which I started. It seems like such a drag to go back on to a water fast, so I’m asking what you would do in this situation.

    I plan on seeing a naturopath in the next few days to find out what they think I can do. Hopefully I don’t get a cowboy/girl. In the meantime, I’m going to go back on the fast and apply the treatments even more to try to rebalance my body.

    I also bought a kefir starter kit and some milk. Do you think I should start making my own kefir now? I heard that it’s incredible for balancing the gut flora so that the candida cannot proliferate. The acidophilus & bifidus caps are expensive…

    I appreciate your feedback.



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    I have to say I don’t know much about your symptoms I would wait til able or raster reply to this as they seem to have the most knowledge and experience here. All I can say is keep trying and be positive. Keeping taking steps forward. Don’t blame yourself too much about over eating. I just did it today and I’m gassy as hell as we speak. It’s a part of the process. Make mistakes and learn quickly. I don’t think it’s that great of a set back. This is probably an up and down experienc for us all. Some days are great and others are terrible. Stick with it and know that the bad days will pass. Good luck and I hope someone on this forum can give you the information you need to reach your goals.

    Stay positive


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    In the meantime, I’m going to go back on the fast and apply the treatments even more to try to rebalance my body.

    When you typed “apply the treatments” which treatments exactly are you speaking of?

    I also bought a kefir starter kit and some milk. Do you think I should start making my own kefir now?

    I definitely think you need to do this since the colonics washed away most of what few beneficial bacteria you had left after the enemas.


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