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    I am having it for more than a year. Taking oregano oil 5 drops 2 times a day, liquorice powder 3 times a day, and Lactobacilius and Bifidus probiotic. Three times a day I drink fennel and aniseed powder tea. These have been recommended to me by a great indian yogi and ayurvedic doctor.
    Can you guys recommend me a good probiotic containing these bacteria? I live now in the US from 1 month and dont know what to buy.
    Nature remedies I am taking for 10 months for now and I feel much better, but I am not cured yet. I cannot put on weight, feel diziness after drinking coffee, eating bananas – it seems candida is still here. I wasnt able to do any excercise before, but now I do everyday pushups, biking, pullups, swimming. I think I should probably stop coffee, fruits and etc., but haven’t done it yet.
    Can you guys give me your personal opinion about my case and also recommend me a probiotic?


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    I would try out HMF neuro which is the only human derived probiotic on the market in the US…



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    You should really look into custom probiotics cp1. It’s a high count muli strain acidophilus and bidi dud blend and has 60 billion cfus per capsule. Www.

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