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    Hi everybody,
    I think I must update my state here, as I owe it to the people who helped me and the whole community. I remember how much these kind of posts meant to me, I was reading them over and over again.

    Anyways, at the moment I am like 90%-99% healed (depending on day 🙂 ), thank you God!

    Also, big thanks to great people here that gave me great knowledge, confidence (need to be 100% sure I am doing things right), support and help… and more…

    Orka1998 (First person I met here, from my country, great help, she also cured), Shayfo (I found her success stories really encouraging) Able (I dont support his ban here, my voice against it… anyways, this guy (Sean) wrote half or more of great posts in forum at the point I joined, so he made a difference to me along with Raster), Raster (same as able!!), dvJorge (same as raster or able, but he goes further with medical evidences… probably he knows more then anybody here, I wish he as well gets cured soon if not already since I am out of forum for past 7 months), Smitty (some great experience excange, as we had same symptoms), benc (I run into his post claiming he cured, and that post changed my life as I started using boulardii after that 🙂 ), jdib (—A-Godsend-Called-Saccharomyces-Boulardii.aspx)…

    these names are ordered by oldest to newest, according to date I found some usefull posts/or answers of them. With some of these people I had mails exchanged and they all are great, I owe them really…

    And many others of course, but I had to mention these guys/girls as they really made difference to me…

    So my story short:
    Firstly I was on Able/Raster/Forum diet, quite strictly…

      This is my status – 6 months on diet:–over-six-months—encouraging.aspx#post44268

        11 months of diet:—A-Godsend-Called-Saccharomyces-Boulardii.aspx#post51059

          ~1 year update:

            Past few months shortly; Reintroducing phase, trying to eat everything, having lots ups and downs, but when “downs” occur, I recover quickly and am great again… so this leads me to:

              Current state (shortly):
              Well, just to say shortly, I feel like I am cured as I eat almost everything now, even though I am avoiding (but not totally) wheat, diary or sugar…, as I try to eat healthy and avoid that what put me into this state in first place. I am eating all kind of fruit, smaller amounts of diary or wheat, and sugar occasionally. I am replacing sugar with fruit/honey sugar, which I don’t avoid at all, I eat 1kg of honey per 15 days :-). I also eat all vegetables, allowed or disallowed on diet… If I take rice, I prefer brown, but if there is no brown, any other is good…
              Out of supplements, I am only taking one-two table spoon of coconut oil at the moment. I froze my kefir grains almost year ago now, and I have several bottles of probiotics and boulardii refrigerated, but I dont use them at all.

              If I eat too much bad-carbs, I still can feel some symptoms in gut, but I don’t find as a problem myself since after I drop it for a day or a half-day, i get better immediately!

              I am trying to eat as healthy as possible, so I am taking those vegetables/fruits (rice, dates, plum, broccoli, cabbage etc.) that help your gut rather then sugar-full watermelons (which I also don’t avoid).

              Ah, I ate tons (probably like 30-40kg’s) of sauerkraut (which I made, just water and salt inside) last winter, which is also great for your gut as it contains good bacteria.

              So what helped me is not boulardii itself, it was all together boulardii after long-term diet, probiotics and everything else together I beleive.

              to finalize…
              Sorry, but I plan to turn off mail notifications on forum since I feel bad when reading posts here, its kind a dark part of my life, and I would like to forget it. It’s maybe selfish, but on of the reasons why I don’t want to participate is that I am not a medical-educated person, and most of things what happened inside my body I really don’t understand. I can only share what helped me, and it does not necessarily need to help others here! I dont want my advice harm somebody!

              Anyways, I will be here for next few weeks if anybody needs help, or have questions I am willing to help if I am able.


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              Thanks for posting. I am glad you are well. It is important for this community to bring success stories. People claim those rarely found stories. Many people leave without leaving any testimony.
              Discipline, perseverance, and dedication are the main weapons to win this battle.



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              I am also glad someone else came back to share their story because only about 5% do it when the reach a milestone…



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              Thanks so much for coming back and reporting your success story! We definitely need more of these to help instill confidence and hope that we can be cured. Having this syndrome can feel so bleak at times.


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              Yes, I agree that most people don’t cameback to share experience… It is great for most of the people that are somewhere at start/middle road to read and get tail wind. I remember shayfo’s stories updates, I’ve been waiting for them since she shared progress each month, and it was huge to me!! 🙂

              Jorge and Raster, I’ve checked your previous posts but did not find anything about your current state’s. Are you guys doing better, whats your state ?

              All the best!

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