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    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I am so happy to have found this website!!! It’s a great feeling to know that there is support out there and others that have had similar symptoms as I. I can’t tell you what a relief this website is. Thank you to those that created this site and also contribute on a regular basis.

    My story begins when I was a teenager (I’m now 33). I remember having vaginal yeast infections at least once a month sometimes a couple times per month. I’m sure I have had other symptoms that I was not aware of and could be linked to Candida. I also have asthma and I’ve read that it is also related to Candida. I would do the western conventional approach with creams, suppositories and medications. They would take the symptoms away but it would come right back. As I got older I notice certain triggers being alcohol, sex, sugar, carbs, and beer. I have always craved sugar as a kid, adolescent and as an adult. I never thought that it was the Candida that was fueling this craving. When I was in my 20s every time I drank beer it would give me a yeast infection. Socially this was very frustrating.

    The kicker for me was when I would clear up the infection and have sex I would get another infection. I thought my sex life was over! No matter what I did I would get a vaginal yeast infection after having sex (protected with condoms of course). As I got older I starting living a more holistic healthy lifestyle and discovered natural ways of healing illnesses and ailments. I was determined to heal myself of yeast infections naturally.

    I began the search of the right foods, supplements and lifestyle. I soon became really down on the fact that my life would not be very exciting at all with limited foods and no alcohol! 🙁 But I went through a period of changing my diet, taking supplements and not drinking alcohol. I was not aware of this site back then. My diet was no where near as detailed as this site has laid out, but it was close. I was able to clear up the yeast infections for a couple of years. I was very happy about this! It was a miracle! I went back to eating what I wanted (healthy of course) and socially drinking alcohol.

    About a month ago I experienced another yeast infection. I was very sad to see this because it had been a couple of years not having an infection at all. It happened after having lots of sex with a new partner (we had been dating for 2 months and we were both tested for STDs prior to having unprotected sex). I thought it was from having too much sex. But I thought about it more……I actually never got rid of the Candida from my system at all. I just kept it from flaring up from the antifungals I was taking. It was this thought lead me to finding this website.

    Some other symptoms that I think might be related to Candida are gas and bloating. Are these symptoms related? I get gas all the time and sometimes is very painful. Once in a while I feel bloated. Typically when I have a yeast infection I feel bloated.

    I have to admit that I am a little frustrated and scared about starting a lifestyle and diet change. I know that I have had Candida in my system for many years and scared that it will take years to get rid of it. Here are my fears/frustrations that I need to get out and maybe some of you can relate and possibly help with suggestions:
    * Good food – I love food that has lots of flavor and tastes good. I’m fearful that when I go on the diet I won’t get the feeling of satisfaction from the food I will need to eat. Food brings me joy. I love experiencing new and exciting restaurants with friends. I feel sad that those days are completely OVER. If I choose to go I will have a little embarrassment in having to tell the server what I can’t eat and make something special for me. Perhaps lots of fun recipes will help. I did find some on this site that will really help.
    * Enough fuel – My other fear is that I won’t get enough to eat. I burn lots of calories naturally and with the lifestyle I currently live. I’m very fit and workout 3-5 times per week and have an active job (massage therapy). Currently I have to eat lots and every couple of hours because I burn so many calories with work and my workouts. Will I get enough food or calories in my body to sustain me throughout the day without feeling really hungry?
    * Social life – I love to spend time with friends eating, hanging out and sometimes a nice glass of wine. I’m fearful of not being able to ever do that again. But not everything revolves around alcohol, right? I can have a good time with friends without having something in my hand. (I’m not an alcoholic by the way….I enjoy wine once in a while)
    * Time – I scared to think about how long I will have to be on this diet because I’ve been suffering from Candida for so many years
    * Travel – How the hell will I follow the diet while traveling? This concerns me. But I have to be diligent about it.
    * Asthma medication – After years of not wanting to take a steroid for my asthma I started taking one in Jan 2011. I started taking a steroid every day because my asthma symptoms did not improve over time and I was afraid of permanently damaging my lung tissue. I have read that steroids can fuel Candida. Is this true? If so, what the hell am I supposed to do about my asthma? I tried acupuncture for a while before going on the steroids but it didn’t make a big enough change in my asthma. My fear is that I put all this effort into changing my lifestyle and diet and get no where because of the medication I have to be on for asthma.

    I do have lots of will power and I know I can do this diet. It would just require lots of planning, mindfulness and persistence.

    Thank you for reading my post and offering your support.


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    I thought I’d try to ease some of your concerns:

    Food- I have a picky eater problem and it was a hard adjustment to say the least, but my coconut/teff/buckwheat/almond meal bread is pretty tasty, sausage is pretty tasty, and buckwheat tastes pretty good! Eating salads is bomb and I look forward to my meals because they make me feel good! Theres a lot to discover if you like eating veggies; I feel the sky is the limit with the diet.

    Fuel- Well some of those items I already mentioned give you a lot of energy. Maybe not at first but in the long term you get plenty of energy from the diet if it is well balanced. Chamomile tea is great for giving you energy and is antifungal as well.

    Social life- Well you might be kinda knocked out for the first month or two but as you get better, you can start to do things like you used to. The trick for going out to eat is to find a place that serves salads and maybe meat/rice. While avoiding alcohol is not fun it certainly is unhealthy and you can have fun without alcohol.

    Time- Plan on it taking 6-18 months to fully recover from candida overgrowth and its trail of destruction. I have been on the diet for about a year and finally feel mostly symptom free. Time is one of the things you need the most, it takes a lot of time to heal the body.

    Travel- Well if you go off the diet for a week or two (or a modified version of it) it won’t set you back too much, so don’t worry about it!

    Asthma- Thats a tough one. As you kill candida, the toxins will be detoxed via the skin, via the bowels, and via the lungs. The lungs are the dumping grounds of the body so expect the asthma to get worse. I pretty much became asthmatic initially on the diet (hyperventilating a whole bunch every day) but it became better in time. I expect that your asthma can become signicantly improved or may even go away while on the diet. If you want an alternative to your medication, I recommend trying a naturopathic doctor who will prescribe you natural supplements to address this specifically. Acupuncture can help but isn’t the only thing that you need to address this problem.

    Please check out our protocol on the forum because it is different than the website:


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