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    I am in the 6th week of the Candida Diet and I feel wonderful/amazing. I can’t believe I was allowing myself to be held hostage by my food for so long.
    I have lost all interest in food and am forcing myself to eat at this point though. I am juicing many, many greens to get as many nutrients as possible and drinking tons of water. I eat brown rice and products made with brown rice, chicken, eggs (when I can choke them down),walnuts and almonds. I am getting a bit concerned because I have lost over 30 pounds and my very regular periods have stopped. Do you have any advise for me?


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    Periods stop if your body weight is too low, or if you are not eating enough fat.

    Try eating more coconut oil, and when you put on a few more kilos, it will come back again.


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    Mine have stopped as well but I know I was not getting enough calories from my food and that’s probably why. Try eating a lot more avocados, as well as coconut oil to increase the fat and calorie intake. I actually mix these two and blend into a smooth paste that can be flavored with cinnamon, stevia if you like sweet etc. I use it either as a spread on bread (btw, have you tried the coconut bread recipe?) or eat it from a cup as a kind of dessert-pudding-kind of thing.

    I have been making my own kefir and yoghurt for some time now but also recently started making my own sour cream just to up the fat intake. But as I understand it, it is best to ferment your own to get rid of the lactose, so unless you have a possibility for making your own I would not buy dairy products.

    See if you can find new recipes that actually make you want to eat because having to choke down your food doesn’t sound too nice (or healthy). Though I know on this diet the options are limited so it can be difficult.

    And if you are exercising, take it easy for now.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thank you guys so much. I will definitely try more coconut oil, avocados and try the coconut bread recipe today.


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    Take something to support your thyroid (vitamin D, magnesium, iodine, selenium, correct vitamin A deficiency). Menstrual irregularity can be a symptom of thyroid trouble. Check Faith’s thread for a recent discussion about it. Sometimes reducing carbs brings hormone troubles into the open, since a struggling thyroid can be propped up with excessive carbs. This could be one reason for sugar cravings. I’d be especially suspicious if you’ve suffered any chronic stress or caffeine addiction.


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    Irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual cycles stopping, or unusual menstrual pain are normal for women with a Candida overgrowth. Usually this is about a hormonal imbalance caused by the production a false form of estrogen when a Candida overgrowth is present. You can imagine what a false hormone in the body might do to various bodily functions.

    Specific hormone activities and symptoms of imbalance can take time to complete, meaning it could be that you’re just now experiencing this symptom because of the time involved in some of the changes.

    By the way, almost everyone with a Candida infestation at one time or another will experience a low functioning immune system; and a weak immune system can also throw your hormonal balance off.

    Of course, it should go without saying, before anyone assumes this problem is has a root cause of a hormonal imbalance, one should first consider ruling out all the possible causes and to what degree the hormones have changed.

    Note: If you’re following the protocol which you’re requested to do in the strict diet instructions, then you’re already doing as Javizy suggested with the supplements.



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    Thank you for all the support and information. Now that I think about it on my last 2 yearly panels my thyroid was borderline. I am only just starting to pay attention to my body (obviously)and have so much to learn. It feels like a giant puzzle that I only have a handful of pieces for. My doctor also told me that I had far too much Beta-glucuronidase that was not being excreted but bouncing around in my body. Is this also a Candida issue or a symptom of something completely unrelated?


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    Did you take a pregnancy test?

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