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    I am not quite sure how I got candida but I been on a steady path to resolve it for the better of my own health. I feel like I have gone a lone way but I have some questions that I would much need some guidance or answer towards to further me on my path. Also I had listed my information in regards to my journey.

    If you have any questions, do feel free to ask me.

    Start Date : Dec. 8, 2012 – Current

    My Supplements Are :

    Milk Thistle Extract

    Grapefruit Seed Extract (Vitaminshoppe Brand)
    Allicin Garlic Pills (Vitaminshoppe Brand)
    OTC Anti Fungal Cream
    Oregano Oil Pills

    13 Billion Count Probiotic (Vitaminshoppe Brand)
    30 Billion Count Probiotic (Vitaminshoppe Brand)

    Information Regarding To Me
    A daily cigarette smoker.
    Weight about 195 lbs when I started the diet.
    Weight about 150 lbs currently.

    My questions that I need some guidance or advice in.

    1. I am planning to switch from The Vitaminshoppe Branded Probiotics to the MegaFlora by MegaFood™ – 14 Strains- 20 Billion Per Capsule (with DDS-1) and was wondering will it be okay to mix the DDS-1 Probiotics with the Standard Probiotics I been using? Or should I stay strictly on the DDS-1 Probiotics?

    And has anyone notice greater improvements and results with DDS-1 Probiotics vs standard Probiotics without DDS-1?

    2. I also run my own business, so I do endure stressful moments in my life at times. And I was wondering will Ashwagandha be able to help me cope with my stress. Or if anyone has any feedback in regards to Ashwagandha and their own personal experience, that would be great as well.

    3. Has any one used 5HTP in their supplement list to help them improve going about their day and their activities?

    4. I have read that you will need your adrenal gland to be working properly so that you may have a faster recovery rate. With that being said, is there any other supplements that anyone could recommend to support your immune system and/or your adrenal gland that people have found to help themselves with?

    5. In regards to Kefir, I normally go to Trader Joe for my kefir and was wondering will this be acceptable for my choosing of Kefir Brand? And does anyone have a commercial kefir that they can suggest or recommend to me?

    6. It has been said that antifungals alone cannot cure the infestation; so I was wondering since I been using AntiFungal since the 2nd week of the start of my diet, how and when would I know that I would no longer need any Anti Fungal and in return stay strictly on beneficial bacteria such as probiotics?

    7. Has any one have experience with the supplement of HMF Neuro Probiotics by Genestra? If so can you share your experiences and/or benefits with using the supplement with me?

    Thank you

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