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    Possible Contributing Factors to Candida Overgrowth:

    1.) I’ve been running cross-country all four years of highschool, but this last summer, my workout regimen was particularly stressful, I was running twice a day, doing over 65 miles a week in order to further my position on the varsity team and in hopes of being a large contributor to the team’s success for my senior year. I was putting my body under huge amounts of physical stress. On a side note, my acne started mildly at this point

    2.)I got poison oak or some sort of allergic reaction to a similar oil, and my doctor prescribed me 20 days of prednisone, a steroid. This is when my acne started to get even worse, all the while I am still running.

    3-4.)The school year started and I was swamped with 5 AP classes plus regular courses and literally never had enough time to do my schoolwork. I would get home from practice after school at 7:30-8 and and I’d have way too much work to complete in that time. As a result, I found myself staying up to 2-4am half the week to complete the work, getting completely sleep deprived. The other nights of the week, I simply didn’t do any homework in order to get a good nights sleep and I’d find myself stressing out a lot at school. I was worrying about schoolwork, applying for colleges, and – most of all – not having enough time in the day to get all of the things I needed done, done. I was under huge amounts of psychological stress. Around this time, my acne was starting to get really bad, and I was starting to feel sick in general. My quality of performance in cross-country started to decrease.

    5.) This whole time, I’d been consuming a runner’s diet, one that is highly rich in carbs. Most days of the week I would eat white pasta for dinner, oats for breakfast, and bread rolls, pretzels, and high sugar fruits for lunch. After practice I would drink copious amounts of Gatorade, and in the summer – on several occasions – I remember drinking entire half-gallons of chocolate milk after running.

    6.) Since I was feeling so sick, and had moderate cystic acne by this time(two really big cysts that wouldn’t go away on one cheek and small cysts elsewhere), I visited the doctor. Lo and behold, for my cystic acne, future acne should it occur, and the tiredness that I was experiencing, he prescribed me 44 days worth of antibiotics (14 of augmentin and 30 of doxycycline)!!! At the time, I thought, well, I hope I get better. Halfway into the anti-biotic regimen, my acne started exploding, with cysts everywhere! I’m also feeling really tired and run down at this point. My lymph nodes on my neck and under my jaw are really hard and inflamed. Also, I’m having sever constipation, hardened, dis-colored stool, and abdominal/back/side pains.

    6 1/2) This point basically just rules out other sicknesses. I take a trip to the doctors and they do blood tests after I explain to them what symptoms I’ve been experiencing. The mono test came back negative, the “inflamation”/ sedimentation rate test came back negative, the thyroid issue test came back negative, and my blood count was relatively normal (I even have the results and I think it’s odd that my white blood cell count isn’t up, though my monocyte and lymphocyte count is slightly elevated but barely, for any of you medically knowledgeable people out there). My doctor sent me on my way, hoping one of the tests would tell whats wrong, but nothing did. This was also before thanksgiving so I’m sure my mother will be scheduling another appointment after the break.

    7.) Near the very end of the anti-biotic regimen, I started to experience severe constipation, abdominal/groin/back/side pains, and other digestive troubles such as dis-coloration of stool. I knew something was wrong when I ate three heaping plates of thanksgiving food, and only a few turds were produce from it (I know, ew, it’s still inside me).

    8.) My last and final point has to do with how I feel after eating sugar and how I react to alcohol. I have noticed that when I drink an energy drink or anything really high in simple carbs, I feel tipsy, like seriously buzzed, like I want to take a long nap, like you feel when you drink alcohol! For example, at my thanksgiving meal, I was throwing down potatoes, sweet-potatoes, baked-pineapple, and cranberry juice, and granted I felt a little weird but I just thought I was full. Then when I drank a single glass of wine, I wanted to pass out. I mean I wanted to pass out in the way that you feel after downing shot after shot on your birthday and then losing all night at the beer-pong table. I had felt this way before, but never after one single glass of wine!

    Tell me if you think I have candidiasis or not ^^^ hahah.


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    Well, if you don’t have Candida I’m not on earth right now, and I’m pretty damn sure I am.
    There’s only one way you’re going to get better, and that way doesn’t include antibiotics. These are nothing more than a doctor’s response when his conclusion is, “I have no idea what this person’s problem is.”
    The only way you’re going to heal yourself is by following a Candida treatment. All the information you need to get started is in one place, the link is below.
    The Protocol:

    After you read the entire protocol, let us know about any questions you have.



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    Sounds like it…western doctors will never diagnose candida, and they don’t know enough about human health. The antibiotics made things worse because not only did they kill off the bad bacteria in your gut, but also the good bacteria. This caused an immune system imbalance, allowing the candida to flourish. If you continue on for a period of weeks/months without doing the diet, things will only get worse.

    I would consider getting other tests. Dr. Mcoomb’s recommends some in his youtube video, if you want to get as close to a real test there is:…a8I&feature=related

    He recommends completing 2-3 tests and combine this with your health history, symptoms, including the use of antibiotics to determine whether you have candida overgrowth. You need to figure out what is in the intestinal tract as well as what is in the stool. Genova diagnostic labs has a candida immune complex test and metametrix labs has a GI stool effects test. No western doctor will say that you have it and look at you like you are crazy. A holistic doctor may determine that you have other ailments and specific organs that are damaged and can address these issues seperately.

    If you think you have candida; the only way I think you will know whether you have it or not is to do the diet. If you have “die off” symptoms and feel worse once on the diet, this means you have candida in my opinion. I say give the diet a try and very likely you will see improvement.


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