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    My diet hasn’t always been the best,though I try,I’m still ingesting more carbs than I should. I’m always teased because I usually have dessert or some sort of sweets after meals. Some people I know say they crave salt more than sugar,I wish that was my problem. And I try and cut down where I can,eliminating or substituting foods.
    Lately though I’ve had this weird feeling in my intestines,almost like I can feel the candida coming through my system. With symptoms including fatigue, irritability,and even shortness of breath. I take a variety of supplements including candida formulas,chinese mushroom(was told to alternate supps to the system doesn’t become immune),probiotics(also heard that perhaps they can feed candida?)
    Over the past week or so I’ve been feeling more bloated than usual and today was feeling weaker. I started to panic and start calling holistic doctors(not regular doctors obviously because most don’t know how to address yeast)…but the doctors were either out of my financial range(one of the divas charged $300 just to come in and ‘meet’ them,not including treatment),or they did things which I felt wouldn’t get to the solution. I feel that I need to get directly tested,through stool tests or whatever.
    So I ended up trying some caprylic acid and that seemed to improve things slightly.
    This recent event scared me into shaping up even more with the diet and treatments.
    I’m glad this site is here for support;


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    GM Joe – Looks like we’ve arrived at the same path, at the same time. Would love to share experiences on our journey.

    Wishing you much success!!

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