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    Hi everyone, this is where am after 10 months of treatment,
    Little background of my condition, frequently antibiotic, alcohol, unhealthy diet specially long term antibiotics use for 17 yrs caused my Candida/ yeast overgrown/ parasite issues. May of 2018 I started the strictly diet-and the treatment. Is been difficult and challenging but it was worth it. At beginning i had a lots die offs but it been gradually
    decreasing. Before I started this journey I had all kind of health symptoms related to this condition but now most of my symptoms are gone I would say am 70% better. I know that I got another 5 or 8 months to go. For leaky gut part I’m into 3 months which I started 12/21/2018 so far I’m glad I feel so much better.

    Here’s my supplements and diets I’ve been taking:

    -Supplements for Candida/ parasite

    Orgeno oil by now foods
    Raw organic garlic
    Organic Costco coconut
    Grapefruit seed extrac by nature way
    Sf722 by thornes research
    Black seed oil by amazing herbs

    -Diets foods-

    Lean goat meat
    Chia seeds
    Raw almonds and almond butter
    Hemp seeds ground
    Flaxseed ground
    Onions, kale, and variety of green veggies

    -Leaky gut treatment-

    150 billion ultimate flora probiotic
    5 billion S. Boulardi by jarrow formula
    Now foods sport L glutamine
    Leaky gut repair by live medic
    Goat bone broth
    Organic multi vitamins
    2000 vitamin D

    This is my die off support supplements

    1000 vitamin D
    Molybdenum by Douglas laboratories
    Milk thistle by jarrow formula
    Paur d arco tea by traditional medicine

    So far I believe I’m heading to right direction
    To be completely 100% healthy again
    Just FYI, these what worked for me, and we all know that everyone is different and qualified naturopathic doctor advice is important before starting any treatment or diet for this condition.

    Thank you guys

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