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    I dont even know where to begin. What a hell of a ride this has been. So I guess the story begins of me at 8 years old. I had a condition Vesicoureteral reflux which is a backflow of urine into kidneys. I was born with this but it was not apparent until I was around 8. After extensive testing and hospital stays and blah blah blah I was put on antibiotics to control the infection and constant UTIs and kidney infections which cause scarring as well. I was on antibiotics everyday for about 3 years. When I was on antibiotics for a while into it my mother asked many doctors if there was anything else I could do besides take long term antibiotics and they told her that I would die if I did not. Eventually I outgrew this condition thankfully and my bladder and kidneys became healthy. After being on antibiotics for about 3 years I had no immunity to anything. I was getting sick with everything left and right constantly when I was 11-13 years old. My mother took me to an acupuncturist/herbalist to possibly help. After seeing this Dr for about a year I was healthy as an ox. I never got sick anymore and I finally felt normal.

    Skip ahead to when I was 20 years old. I thought it would be a good idea if I got the HPV vaccine for my own safety. I received the vaccine and a few hours later I became severely ill. Severe dizziness, nausea, extreme low body temperature. The next day I felt better, but a week later I started getting numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, I was so weak I could barely walk across my room, my friends told me my skin looked gray, the worst headache ever, extreme fatigue I could sleep all day and still be exhausted, no appetite, etc. Went to all sorts of drs and specialists. They thought I may have had MS. Had every test done in the book, blood work, stress tests, EEG, EMG, brain MRIs, etc. They found absolutely nothing wrong with me. It felt as if I was dying. Over months i had slowly started to.recover. I had to learn how to keep my balance again while walking. I had a headache for about a year straight. I wouldn’t say i was exactly the same person I was but I bounced back to myself again. No one ever figured out what was wrong with me but I was so happy I was better.

    Now skip ahead to today. I am 25 years old. I’m very active and have a very demanding job on my feet all day, and I always did fine. Several months ago I notice I am constantly getting sinus infections and being put on antibiotics and steroids. I then notice I am very tired all the time, and no matter what I eat or drink I am getting extremely abnormally bloated with lots of gas and acid reflux. I am nauseous after I eat and just don’t feel right. I remember a night I drank 1 glass of wine and I was so weak I couldn’t move, but I honestly just thought I hadn’t eaten much that day and I was just feeling it more. I’m getting weaker and more tired and dizzy. I go to my Dr who does blood work and it comes back fine. Tells me its probably allergies and sinus issues and gives me nasonex. I then go to an ENT who gives me more antibiotics and steroids since now my nasal discharge is bloody. A few days later I am beyond exhausted, I get a yeast infection despite my efforts not too since I always get them on antibiotics, my vision is now blurry, I am extremely dizzy, spaced out as if I wasn’t really awake, nauseous, weak, sensitive to the light, and I have a headache. All of this was eerily similar to 5 years ago from the vaccine. By that night my headache got so bad and my right eye was in severe pain, I had to go to the ER. They found nothing after a CT scan. Weeks later I am just getting worse and Dr after Dr no one knows what’s wrong and I am freaking out because it feels like I am slowly dying. My skin was pale as a ghost and I could barely move. Got more extensive blood work, another brain MRI, allergy tests, etc, and nothing except for some disc herniations and I am now nearsighted. I lose all hope. I then notice the right side of my face is swollen. A mass in my face that was painful. I am a complete mess and I am afraid to sleep at night because I feel as if I will pass away in my sleep, so I can’t sleep more than 3 hours a night.

    One day I see my aunt and thank the lord I did. She had said to me how she went through something similar. Candida overgrowth she said. She told me about what happened and how every test she took came back normal and how many visits she took to the ER because it felt as if I was dying. She told me about this Dr in my area that diagnosed her and treated her. I then think to myself about how similar this is to the vaccine, and wonder to myself if this is what happened to me 5 years ago. I go onto the Merck website and in bold letters on contraindications of the vaccine it says that people with yeast hypersensitivity should not receive the vaccine. I immediately called this Dr and he fit me in the next day.

    I wake up the morning I’m supposed to see him and I can barely move and feel as if I’m going to faint. I really feel as if I’m dying. I’ve never felt so awful before. My boyfriend drives me to go see him and as I am called into the room I start bursting out in tears. I feel broken and that even though this may be the answer, that nothing would help. My boyfriend starts to talk to for me about what has been going on as I try to compose myself. I then explain everything going on and all of my history. He is 110% sure that I have Candida overgrowth. He puts me on the Candida diet and gives me to antifungal medications. He also told me to buy the book The Candida Cure, which is an amazing book for people with Candida overgrowth. I also stopped taking my birth control that I had been taking for 7 years. The next few days I still feel awful, which is normal. My body is in so much pain everywhere and I’m exhausted but can’t sleep and I have my period on top of everything. I go through some die off and I am so nauseas and cannot eat. I almost vomited once but never did. This all started a few months ago and today I am almost better. The growth in my face ended up being nothing and it is almost gone. Still following the diet and still on Nystatin and taking supplements, I am slowly getting better. I would say 2 weeks ago was the first day I was really able to be active all day. I am still more tired than usual, and still feel a little spaced out but that’s about it. I am hoping with more time and working at this problem I can be back to my normal self again completely.

    What a crazy road and I am SO LUCKY that my aunt told me about this. If she hadn’t I would have probably declined for a very long time without any answers like some other unfortunate people. I also had support from my whole family, friends, and boyfriend which I am lucky to have. It felt like it happened overnight out of nowhere, but who knew that this has probably been going on for almost my whole life. I hope that if anyone needs help or someone to talk to I am here to help! We are all candida survivors.


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    I recommend talking to your ND about detoxing because this should make you feel better. You are at a very delicate state right now so it could cause problems, so I would consult him. When you kill yeast you need to detox, its the most important thing to do!



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    Incredible story.!

    You also have us here to help you. You will be well soon.



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    Thank you!! What exactly does the detox entail???

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