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    Ok,this a long one,so bear with me.Ever since I was 11 or 12,I’ve had Candida symptoms,even though I didn’t know that they were in fact them! Depression,acne,digestive issues,food sensitivities,low blood sugar,fainting,one year and a half I got hives every single day,was diagnosed with gluten intolerance,anxiety,poor management of stress,confusion,brain fog,distraction,weight flotation,you name it,I’ve pretty much had it!
    About a year and a half ago I had a horrible digestive issue,was was termed interstitial cystitis.I was on the bus to my university with a friend and had god awful pain in my stomach,I should’ve have turned right around and gone home,but I stupidly went to campus on two buses,had classes and lunch,studied,then went on the bus home.On the bus home I had even worse pain,I cannot compare it to anything.The only person I could get through to via my cell phone was a friend in Alaska.It was traumatic for me;I’ve never dealt with physical pain well,and I associated the bus with pain from then afterwards.
    My mother,a RN,took me to a urologist who did not help at all.He put me on some strong medication but ever since then I’ve had increasingly painful times.I could barely eat for a while and lived off soy and almond milk and yogurt (horrible for Candida now that I think about).
    Over the years my mother had me put on various medications for acne and for allergies.These and birth control for three years really fed the fungus and weekend my immunity as well as fed my symptoms.This year I finally I read about Candida on the Body Ecology website.As I was reading through the symptoms,my left leg was jerking like crazy,I kept getting distracted and staring out the window,I felt alternately hyperactive and exhausted.I realized what I had,and since the only unhealthy thing in my diet that could possibly be feeding Candida was fruit,I cut out my daily papayas,bananas,figs and dates (hard to but out the first two when you live in Hawai’i!) .I went through three days of Hell like die off,where I was bloated about twenty pounds,nauseated,could barely walk and move,flu like symptoms,and barely feasible digestion.Yet I knew I was doing the right thing.(Also last year and earlier this year I was raw vegan,which seriously messed me up.)
    About three weeks later I was going to yoga teacher training on Maui so I had to get my act together.I didn’t do quite enough research and I continued to eat beans and grains while on Maui,and succumbed to a raw vegan nut cheesecake there.This obviously fed the fungus and about a week after I came back,I got another die off,though it was less mild.I did a week of vegetable juices and Bentonite clay twice a day,which really helped.But I continued to eat beans and grains,and was exhausted,bloated,and depleted.A fellow yoga teacher told me to eat some meat or fish,that my body was having a hard time converting the insulin from the beans and grains.I went and got wild salmon immediately after talking with her.After two weeks of eating salmon,I feel so much better.I have few digestive issues,my skin is glowing,I have more energy and stamina,am more clear headed,the anxiety and depression are pretty much gone.I have since started eating eggs as well to break up the proteins.I consume olive oil and avocados for healthy fats,and I feel so much better;most of all,I feel alive,which seems to take a while with Candida.I refuse to give in to the fungus’ cravings for fruit and sweeteners.I realize that this a long term commitment to my health,my self,my body,and I sign on for the long term.
    Maybe the only thing I’ll miss coming up is my annual pumpkin pie for my birthday.But I know that are far many more important things in life,and I am so grateful for all that I have,for my health,and my progression with Candida.

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