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    I’ve been on an anti-Candida diet for about 2 months now. Before I started it, I had lots of stomach aches and diarrhea issues, along with immense fatigue and irritability, and weighed 261 lbs (I’m a 5’3″ woman). While the fatigue is still present in moderate amounts, and my husband will say my irritability is only slightly improved ;), my stomach and digestive issues vanished in the first couple of days on the diet. This leads me to believe I have allergies to dairy products (small amounts of non-aged cheese is okay for me), besides my body not being able to digest carbs/sugars well. Along with cutting out those things (including fruits, except for granny smith apples, which was hard for me!), I’ve been going to the gym about 3 times a week (great for getting toxins out of the body) and drinking distilled water – and lots of it! The supplements I’m taking include an anti-yeast once in the morning and once at night, 2 99-mg potassium capsules/day, oil of oregano and olive leaf extract supps. one at a time/twice a day in-between meals, ionic fizz magnesium (more easily digested in powder form), and probiotics (about 60 billion) just before bed. Those should be taken either one hour before meals or two hours afterward, and are best just before bed. With all that I’ve been doing (including diet and exercise I was doing on my own since the beginning of August), I have lost 38 pounds so far!!

    I’m so glad I found out all this information about my body and have found the strength to take the steps I needed to toward better health and quality of life.

    If you’re struggling with temptations (I have a wicked sweet tooth), you’re not alone. For my salty/crunchy cravings I have found black bean chips from my local health food store. Those with salsa are great! Make sure to read labels though, even things like salsa can have a lot of sugar in them. In recipes where you would use regular milk, use coconut milk instead. Use unsweetened if you can find it. Coconut is an amazing food. If you can, read ‘The Coconut Oil Miracle’. My husband read it and we immediately began using the oil in many meals.

    Hope this helps!


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    thanks for the advice there. you are doing great. can i please ask you where you get the probiotics from? I cant seem to find any stronger than 3 billion. Do you take a few lower strength ones? iM on the uk, a lot of things are hard to find here. i got my candida clear off the internet x


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    that’s great, im new here. dont know much about candida yet but i been researching. I am also 5’3 and weight 255 pounds. how much have you lost in the 2 months?
    I have developed allergys at my age now which is 27 and i think this caused them.


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    I started with the raw foods diet, really noticed improvement but still had bleeding and mucus. Bleeding stopped when I went to this anti-candida diet.Iam not finished with my program. So I am still doing it.I am taking things like golden seal.wormwood and actually a whole list of other ingredients. Olive leaf I have also taken.I really noticed an increase of energy when getting rid of gluten. I also has asthma difficulties and getting rid of gluten got rid of that completely. Example is i would wake up sneezing all the time. I didnt realize it was gluten that was causing that till i eliminated it.I am not using any medicines at present and my BMS are still 1-2 a day.Interesting enough as well I used to get colds and flus all the time.Since going raw and this new candida diet,I am doing I haven’t has a cold or a flu.I have been experimenting with these different diets for about 1 1/2 years now.


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    I think “The Candida Diet” is really a healing diet.

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