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    I hope this helps someone else! I have struggled with Candida since I was a teenager. I have used various probiotics, products, diets, and remedies to keep it at bay. Last month I took a French bread cooking class with my mother and had a serious outbreak shortly after. I felt sick to my stomach and it felt like my throat was closing up. My mother then told me that my grandfather used to lose his voice after eating anything with yeast. I immediately started researching yeast allergy and intolerance. The symptoms are almost exactly the same as Candida (and also genetically inherited). The cure is Benadryl. As long as I take one every couple of days, I have no symptoms. I also try to avoid all foods with yeast, but I ate some pizza this past weekend and had no symptoms because I had taken a Benadryl the night before. I have had zero symptoms in the past few weeks. I suffered for over 20 years and never once heard or thought that I might have an allergy or intolerance. I hope this might help someone else. Good luck to you all, I know how terrible the struggle is


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    Benadryl is not your cure.
    It’s masking your symptoms.
    And irritating further your gut in the meanwhile.

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