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    Hello! Recently in my journey towards healing from Candida and Lyme disease, I’ve come to realize that the core of my illness resides in my gut. My intestines are inflamed, and have been for many years. Most likely from mild to moderate food allergies that went unrecognized. It’s a little tough to describe, but I have a constant dull Feeling of disease throughout my core area. It feels hot and irritable. And I’m generally pretty bloated in that area. From looking at my tongue, my acupuncturist described my intestines as “Empty hot “.

    I’ve been connecting a lot of dots recently, and came to realize that my poor water absorption is probably closely tied into my intestinal health. But I’m still trying to uncover the specifics of how they are related, and how I can increase water absorption in my malnourished body.

    There’s lots of signs that water is not being properly absorbed. Foremost, my stools are rock hard, even though I drink buckets of water every day. My hair and eyes get very dry. And I just generally feel dehydrated, no matter how much I drink. Also, something that happened to me several weeks ago is very interesting in this regard. I posted about it here and got a pretty thoughtful response, one that was confirmed by my doctor. Basically, I’ve been underweight for several years, eating foods like crazy to try and just gained a few pounds. But, I got my first colonic, and one of the unexpected side effects was that I instantly gained about 5 pounds. I stayed this way for several days, with everyone commenting and telling me how healthy I looked, before returning back to my “normal” weight. I am now almost positive that the weight I gained was from water retention throughout my large intestine, Which seems to drive home the fact that my organs are not getting enough water.

    I have to believe that if I could find a way to get more water absorbs into my intestines, then that would serve leaps and bounds towards healing my gut.

    Or, the reverse could possibly be true. Perhaps there is something else that I have to treat and heal, before water absorption can be improved by my body.

    My acupuncturist was pretty short on ideas, but one of the things he recommended was drinking two or 3 cups of fresh marshmallow root tea every day. I’m going to try this, but I can’t help but feel like there is some essential puzzle piece out there that I am missing.

    As always, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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    You should read that post, lots of info in there from raster and Able regarding dehydration.

    Another thing too is not only does the yeast absorb a lot of the water but when the yeast die off they release acetaldehydes which is a basically similar to alcohol. It does lots of awful things to your body and one of them is dehydration. Many people report that when yeast die off they feel very similar to a long night of drinking and the morning after hangover. That’s because the alcohol robs your body of water, the same as the acetaldehydes. Read up on it.

    I’m not sure if you’re on a candida diet right now that is causing die off or you’re taking antifungals but a way to possibly combat this is to take molybdenum. It metabolizes the acetaldehyde and allows the body to remove it. Also milk thistle would be a good idea too for your liver.

    Before I started taking molybdenum, I had horrible dry mouth all the time. It’s not 100 percent better but it has improved since I started taking it.

    Information regarding molybdenum in the protocol and which to buy.


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    rawlings888;45725 wrote: My acupuncturist was pretty short on ideas, but one of the things he recommended was drinking two or 3 cups of fresh
    marshmallow root tea every day.

    Slippery elm or marshmallow root either one will help to soften the stools.

    One thing which can cause poor water absorption is drinking too much water at one time. You should keep a bottle with you all day and even at night in order to sip on it continually or whenever you wake up at night, thus keeping it in your body and staying constantly hydrated. I’ve done this so long that sometimes it seems like I drink the water I keep at my bedside in my sleep. In the mornings the glass is always missing quite a bit of water, and I can’t always remember drinking that much of it.

    Chia seeds absorb something like 12 times their weight in liquid, so adding these to your diet may help. I see this as almost like “eating your water” instead of drinking it since it would slow the process down, and in a way have the water time released.

    One of the functions of glutamine is to promote water uptake into the cells by allowing water to cross from the bloodstream into the cells;
    so who knows, maybe you’re deficient in this amino acid.



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    I think your body is absorbing the water just fine; did you know you can absorb up to 2 litres of water by taking a shower or hot bath? If are so concerned about how much water your are absorbing, you can increase it simply by taking a shower more than once per day.

    Additionally, hard stools may be related to constipation and not water malabsorption. I wouldn’t really tie hydration with hard stools in my opinion.

    Also, most people gain weight after a colonic because guess what happens after you get one? The colon gets filled back up again! So the 5 pounds of weight you gained likely went straight to the colon and you could be constipated again (hard stools)! A lot of people lose weight with colonics actually, some can lose up to 20 pounds!

    I would examine your trace mineral levels because these can influence your water retention abilities as well. What do we do when it snows? We put salt on the ground and it melts the ice and absorbs the water. So you could be deficient in salt, which is made up of minerals. If you were to increase your trace minerals intake, you likely will notice a benefit in general.

    One of the battles with the diet is constant dehydration so its pretty normal from my experience.

    What are you doing to reduce the inflammation of your gut?



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    First off, thanks so much to all of you for giving me good advice. I’ve already gotten started on the slippery Elm, and am planning to start using marshmallow root tea very soon.

    I believe that all of these problems, and maybe all of my illness in general, ties back into my inflamed gut.
    In fact, the more research I do, and the more I listen to my body, the more and more convinced I am that it is leaky gut syndrome.

    I’ve tried many things to heal my agitated intestines, but very few of them have given me tangible results. First off, I’ve gone through the elimination diet, to get rid of any potential allergens, and I’ve been on the Candida diet for well over a year now. And my body is telling me that it’s time to stop killing things, and start rebuilding things.

    But nothing really seems to be soothing The gut. Either that, or one of the things I’m doing is aggravating it and compromising everything else. It feels like even taking probiotics is inflammatory. (I take go live probiotics, as recommended by my natural path. But I just realized that they have trace amounts of milk protein, as well as glutamine, so I wonder about that. ) I’ve tried using raw sauerkraut from rejuvenative, but even the tiniest bit seems to set my intestines on fire. Glutamine seems harsh to me.

    For now, my game plan is to use slippery Elm and marshmallow root to try and get my gut back to a calm state, and then try again with probiotics.

    Anyone have any experience or luck dealing with an easily agitated, inflamed gut? Also, is there any evidence out there that the leaky gut could be associated with the dehydration?

    Thanks again


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    6 months back i got tested for food intolerance.
    results showed being intolerant to casein,cow milk,lactose, eggs, gingko, amaranth ,etc.

    after following the diet(i didn’t do the detox because of university pressures and i am a bit lenient too cause i just can’t manage it). so, for me it is going to be a slow recovery but i have no other option, have to continue with the uni. as well

    anyways,what i wanted to say that after 4 months on the diet i tested yogurt. i could handle it. started with half a cup and eat 3-4 teaspoons daily . slowly hoping to increase the intake.
    it is a big victory for me cause a few months ago my scalp would get all red with hives and bumps after i ate anything related to dairy.
    just thinking myself when should i test for eggs, really would love to include this excellent protein source back into my diet.


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    If you try chia, as Able suggests, make sure you soak it fully before eating it. If it doesn’t absorb 10-12x its water weight before you eat it, it’ll try to do so in your gut and can cause constipation. User alexalgebra has a good chia pudding recipe somewhere you could try.


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    shayfo;45845 wrote: If you try chia, as Able suggests, make sure you soak it fully before eating it. If it doesn’t absorb 10-12x its water weight before you eat it, it’ll try to do so in your gut and can cause constipation. User alexalgebra has a good chia pudding recipe somewhere you could try.

    That’s a good point!

    I usually get the little mini chia seeds and you can just put it in with a glass of water. Let it sit a couple minutes and stir it up. You can drink it right down and the chia seeds taste like almost nothing.

    Quick and easy

    I was taking them for constipation but mine has improved greatly due to the coconut oil so I don’t really use them that much anymore though.


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    Rawlings, I have the same exact problem. Would you be available to correspond?

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