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    Hi everyone,

    I thought I would set up a blog while on my candida diet for a few reasons:
    Firstly to help keep myself on track
    To reference my symptoms and improvements
    To get feedback/input/encouragement from others
    Maybe for inspiration to other people doing the same

    I’d appreciate anyone who takes a read and gives me their input. I am basically following Able’s safe and proper cleanse, and I plan to do it for 2 weeks to maximise the effect.

    I’m goin to try to do it every day or as often as possible but will just post things I feel worth mentioning here.

    Here is the link:

    Ashley 🙂


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    I’ve been keeping a food diary in a spreadsheet myself. I enter what I eat for each meal and snack, what supplements I take and add some notes about reactions or improvements. It should be a good way to pinpoint foods that cause reactions, and it’s motivating to keep it “clean”.


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    Yeh most research I’ve done suggest to keep a food diary but I never really felt it worked for this. However, I have downloaded an app for this on my phone so makes it easier to do on the go 🙂 should be interesting


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    I also use an app on my phone and find it very helpful. The only downside is that Ihave to have access to internet through my phone in order to use it. So if I am traveling and don’t have very good service, I am in trouble!

    Thanks for sharing your story. I hope the blog helps you maintain the diet and start to feel relief.

    When I first started the diet, I thought about bread and sweets all day. I never realized how much I wanted them until I couldn’t have them anymore. I have always been a salty snack girl more than a chocolate/sweet snack girl. Starting the diet made me want both SO much more.

    Thanksfully, I quit my job in food service just before starting the diet. Being around food so much would make it harder.

    You can do this!!! 🙂



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    Good to hear that you found out what may be causing your problems…now to turn it around! We are here if you need assistance/guidance as you get better.



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    Thanks guys 🙂

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