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    Hello everyone,

    I’m a Scandinavian male with severe candida/CFG symptoms and I’m now finally giving up on trying to do everything on my own and asking for advice to make my battle more efficient. As I’ve also made some clear progress it’s more than fair to also share my story in case that’ll provide some help to others. I’ll divide my message into different sections, if you are just willing to advise me with supplements etc. and want to save some time you may go straight to the end of the message 🙂


    I started to suffer from progressing fatigue at least ten years ago, but a few years ago it got to a point that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I had also all kinds of symptoms like falling and staying asleep, brain fog, jock itch, anxiety, some depression, occasional joint pain, libido issues, sinus problems, frequent urination, reflux symptoms, bowel irritability etc. With all these I started to wonder what had happened to the old, fairly healthy me.

    Finding out what’s wrong:

    As usual,it was a long trip to find out what was wrong with me. Since the doctors couldn’t do too much I had to research most things myself and learn to use the medical system in the right way. Step by step I found out my sleep problems (waking up every five minutes) and B12, folic acid, ferritin and testosterone deficiencies. I tried fixing the sleep problems with an ASV machine (a kind of a BiPAP), having B12 shots, iron supplements and even tried testosterone gel and HCG for a short while. Yes, these helped to some extent but then I started to wonder why I really have all these deficiencies. And also why I still had a bunch of symptoms and why I still didn’t feel good enough. Then at another forum someone said my symptoms sound like candida, which was the first time I’d heard about it.

    I filled an online questionnare, had a spit test and just knew that I have candida before having some tests done. The complete stool test showed some candida albicans but no parasites and the candida IgG was high (154, as the “normal” value was said to be 30). Unfortunately it is not possible to have IgA and IgM done in my country, just the IgG and IgE, which was negative.

    The healing process so far:

    I’ve been having a moderately tight candida diet for nine months now (no sugars, white flour or yeast, but things like rye bread and pea soup allowed) and I’ve had some Difflucan, Nystatin, GSE, SF722, Garlic pills and other supplements. I’m also now having another round of Clarkia and ordered some L-Cysteine and CoQ10 to continue the parasite cleanse. I also took some “real” medicines for warms as in my desperation I sought help everywhere and was led to believe that is the way to get better. I also drink only spring water and try to keep my hormones up by various natural ways. The ASV machine has also helped my sleep at least quite much. I had one amalgam left in my mouth so I took that away with a bio dentist, but I’m sure I have loads of mercury from previous exposures (especially one huge amalgam removed by a normal dentist).

    Altogether I’m reasonably happy to say I’m maybe 50% healed by now. Most of my symptoms are gone, basically all that’s left is tiredness (but not as killing as before) and some anxiety and a bit of depressive thoughts. My libido goes up and down, but it was also interesting to see that after some months of treatment (and some tribulus terrestris and magnesium oil, which is supposed to raise DHEA) my testosterone value had also doubled. Actually it was more that with my HCG trial. I haven’t dared to start iron supplements yet as I’m worried to feed candida. Out of the candida supplements I’ve taken I think the most efficient has been SF722. Along with Clarkia I could really see big chunks of fungus coming out of me (sorry for the description). I’ve also done some enemas but really need to do more of them. At the beginning of the diet I had a round of Doximycin and Difflucan, which resulted in long, big strings of alive looking funfus coming out of me. I know the connection between antibiotics and candida, but I’ve also read about some studies of Doximycin strengthening the effect of Difflucan.

    So yes, I am a living proof that you can get back from being half dead by recognising candida and taking the steps to heal yourself. The difference to what I was a couple of years ago is really remarkable. However, I do feel some sadness as I’m only half way there and I really miss the old myself. The happy, social, energetic guy I still haven’t found completely again.

    Your chance to help me with the other 50%:

    So far I’ve been trying the following supplements besides the candida medication I already mentioned:

    Vitamin C, maca, vitamin D, vitamin E, biotin, ecinachea, zinc, magnesium oil, rhodiola, tribulus terrestris, lactoferrin, molybdenum, milk thistle and garlic pills. I stopped taking biotin as it may obviously feed candida and I think it’s better to stop taking Vitamin D for now as well. Is there something really important I’m missing? Do you think tribulus terrestris is okay? I really want to try to keep my hormone levels high enough and I think tribulus and magnesium oil have an important role in that. I also have some selenium, folic acid and manganese deficiencies but am afraid to eat those supplements as they may feed candida. I also tried Spirulina and Chlorella some time ago, but they made me feel sluggish so I decided to postpone them for a while.

    Should I consider chelating as I may have some mercury from all the amalgams I used to have (that have disappeared quite mysteriously during the last decade)? I had a hair analysis done, but it didn’t show mercury poisoning.

    I would say 2/3 of my brain fog is gone, but what could I do to get the percentage still up?

    Clarkia still gives me some bloating/gas, although it’s better now, so do you think it’s because there’s parasites dying? Or is it just the way Clarkia always affects? Or could it be Clarkia killing candida?

    I still haven’t had liver or kidney cleanses and don’t know much about those. Which are the recommended protocols for those?

    And finally, what else would you suggest to help with my battle?

    I hope my story was at least slightly helpful to someone and I would be so grateful to receive even quick ideas and tips to continue my healing process! Hopefully I’ll be one day able to write here the 100% success story or at least something close enough!

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