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    Are Multi Vitamins good to take while on this diet?

    This is the one I have at home:

    It does have Molybdenum in it and Vitamin C.



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    Shiiloh ;
    The multiple vitamin you have is measured in mg and mcg, which means you don’t know the percentage of the minimum daily requirement of each of the eight B vitamins. When searching for a multiple vitamin, you need to find a brand which reads 100% of each B vitamin, or if not 100%, it should at least contain the same percentage for each. This is because you may already be deficient in one or more B vitamins and taking more than your body needs of one or two specific vitamins but not enough of the ones you’re low or deficient in can cause a larger imbalance than you’re already experiencing. This is why I never recommend any multiple vitamin since one which contains the exact ratio of B vitamins is extremely difficult to locate.

    In addition, your body makes its own B vitamins from foods such as kefir and yogurt as well as the probiotics taken by mouth. So the only way you normally need to take a supplement is if you’ve been tested and are aware of the need for a specific B vitamin for which you’re low or deficient.

    However, the above being said, most people who contract a Candida overgrowth are probably deficient in one or more of the B vitamins. This is because Candida sufferers are habitually deficient in beneficial bacteria (otherwise it’s doubtful that they would have contracted Candida). In studies, a large majority of Candida sufferers who are tested show a deficiency of Biotin. Therefore, Biotin taken as 1000 mcg a day for four days, then 1000 mcg a day morning and evening after meals can usually be beneficial to the treatment. It’s usually safe to start reducing the amount if the die-off becomes strong, or once your’ Candida symptoms have started to lessened considerably.

    The multiple vitamin also doesn’t have enough Molybdenum unless you plan on taking around 15 capsules a day. It also doesn’t contain near enough vitamin C.



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    Sweet! Thanks for showing me that forum, big help. I’ll need to slowly purchase some of these vitamins.

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