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    How can I tell what is causing the mucus in my throat? It is so think I can barely swallow! I assume it is a food alergy? But would it be from something I ate yesterday or today? Is flax seed or oil a problem for some people? Or “natural flavors” added to my flax oil?


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    There is no way to know what natural flavors are and it could even be MSG, sorbitol, etc.

    Mucuous is a type of immune response, typically to certain foods. One thing you will notice is that it’ll get worse after certain meals. It can occur very shortly after a meal or hours later…it likely varies person to person.

    Flax seed is one of those items that could cause trouble for some people so I would try a week with it and week without it and see if you notice any difference. Eggs can also be problematic as well as just about anything.



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    definitely want to avoid natural flavors, one example is castoreum (beaver gland juices) added to pudding, drinks, cigarettes, etc.

    drinking more water helps to thin the mucus and get it out more easily.

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