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    I believe I have had candida for more then 20 years.
    I have actually been diagnosed three different times.
    First time in 1989. I was just a younster then… all of 22 years old.
    I was to caught up in my young life… and didnt understand the gravity of the depths this disease would take me.
    Second time was many years later… 2005. I was having allergy issues and a co-worker told me about her Dad that was a naturalpath. (sp?)
    I went to see this guy and he told me then that I had candida…
    That time I wasn’t ready to hear it again. I did buy some of the supplements and fake started the cleanse. I tried half heartidly several times to “cleanse”.
    Now fast forward to now.

    For the past three years… I have had multiple failing health issues. Almost everything on the list and more for candida. I was insneard in Western Med world and had Dr.’s opinions coming from every direction. Several very expensive “test” to find out that “nothing was wrong-except-this-or-that-overweight-blah-blah-blah” Take these meds… and go away. I didn’t feel listened to and patronized a lot of the time.

    One such doctor told me the reason I was having pain in my stomach was because I was to fat and it was squishing everything inside. Nice. For the record I am overweight and have been for most of my life. 5.1 250 lbs. I was told the discoloration on my skin and skin tags were “just part of the ageing process”.

    This time… the way I found out I had candida was- My family had taken a camping trip. Glorious time out with nature. Which was a good time… When we arrived home and upon showering my body started itching and broke out in hives from head to toe. Thinking it was probably another “allergy” of something I came in contact with… I went off to store to get some medicaited “anti-itch” spray. Which I found. As I was leaving the store… It came to me that this was Yeast.

    One thing led to another… I find myself back in the Naturalpath’s office where I had been six year previous. With in 10 minutes. He told me exactly what I had and this time I was ready to listen… hear it and really do something about it… or really I had no choice. I was sick. I staggered into his office. I felt like I was wasted. The next 4 days that followed I thought I was going to die. I layed in bed for HOURS holding my head… every nerve ending felt like it was raw. I had a wierd humming noise in my head. It was awful. I ate the foods allowed ONLY. I am on day 8 today. I had a crappy day today. The 6th day has been the best. I felt lighter.

    In addition to the candida I also have a parasite infestation in my liver. That is another story in itself… yet yeast and parasites go together quite well from what I have read.

    The last 8 days have changed my life… I am scared of what the future holds. If this cleanse and eating this way cures things for me… I will believe God has personally handed me my own personal miracle.

    Any advise, inspiration, & thoughts are welcome.


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    Sounds like you are on the right path. Once done with candida diet, I would not go back to certain bad foods such as sweets, diet soda, anything with aspartame, food coloring, etc. Limit your coffee and get more exercise. You can turn yourself around and cure some/many of your health problems.


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    Thanks Raster.

    I am hopeful…


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    Ive also been battling Candida for awhile. No way at the level you are.

    Ive noticed a huge difference with taking the probiotics (i take sustenex every day a chewable probiotic) I also drink 4oz of aloe vera juice every day. (i use georges aloe vera its filterd and tastes like water-no cramping-) The combination of the two was a HUGE HELP to me just my opinion these two things really helped me.

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