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    I have been having enormous die-off symptoms this week using oregano oil, sf722, and olive leaf. (plus raw garlic) Oh my. Probably too much….but I want this gone.

    Molybdenum worked just OK yesterday but today I took an activated charcoal and feel SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday. Symptoms that were driving me mad this morning are now calming and I feel kind of normal.

    (Symptoms: blurry eyes, unsettled, anxiety, itchy, foggy, lethargic)

    Not sure if I can take charcoal every day. Any thoughts?


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    Additionally, you could try a zeolite product. You would want one that’s pure, and small enough to enter the blood stream. Zeoforce from seems like a decent choice. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve recently ordered their level 3 healing cleanse which has it in it.


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    The major difference between using charcoal vs molybdenum to remove die-off toxins is that molybdenum, being an essential mineral required by the human body for nitrogen metabolism, is natural to the body. On the other hand, charcoal is alien and unnatural to humans; due to this fact, many people either are immediately allergic or eventually acquire an allergy to charcoal. Just be sure you’re aware of all possible side effects before using.
    Activated Charcoal Side Effects



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    I just got some charcoal yesterday. I had been wondering the same thing. So far it seems to be working WAY better for me then the molybdenium did.

    What is the reason I can’t take it everyday? Besides a possible allergy? Should I just watch out for an allergy?


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    I have taken it sometimes, and it helps me. However, I agree with Able. It is not something you should take all the time. It adsorbs instead of absorbing in your body. Again, Able quoted “molybdenum, being an essential mineral required by the human body for nitrogen metabolism, is natural to the body.” So, yes it helps removes toxins in our body, even emts use it on patients that have ingested something poisonous into there body because it removes the toxin. So, I believe it is okay to use if you feel you have overdone the anti-fungals or probiotics sometimes and feeling really bad, but just don’t it everyday. Also, don’t be concerned; it will turn your stool black.


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    Just a reminder – Do not take Molybdenum if you have a history of gout. Most likely it will cause an attack.


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    After attempting a first candida cleans with just probiotics and anti-fungals, I realized that I’d need further support if I wanted to adopt the candida diet on a longer term basis. I ordered the NOW Foods NAC product recommended on the candidadiet website, and after waiting weeks for delivery, starting taking just one a day. My plan was to reintroduce probiotics and antifungals after taking the NAC for a week, but after 6 days on NAC, I developed a moderate case of gout in my left foot. I am a young, fit woman, who has never had gout or arthritic issues in the past. The Now Foods website cautions against the use of NAC if you have gout, but I had no previous knowledge of this condition. Now I am off all supplements, and have been completely immobilized for a week, taking only a prescription-strength NSAID from my doctor. I am disappointed with yet another supplement that seems too harsh for my body. I knew that fighting candida would be a long haul, but didn’t realize how things that work for other people could sideline me so drastically.

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