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    So I just found out today that my office is full of mold.
    It’s an old building and right next to my desk there is a room that has a vault door (like an old safe).
    Long story short for the first time the landlord opened the vintage safe and it is full of mold. Our roof has been leaking and has been dripping into this small room which is almost disintegrated. It was filled with old papers. Next to the safe door (keep in mind the safe is really old and not air tight, the wall and floor board which was covered by a filing cabinet is almost completely rotten.

    I think I remember reading something about mold and candida.

    I’ve worked there for a year and have never had any symptoms of candida before this year.

    Does anyone think this could be a major contributor?



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    Environmental molds such as you’re speaking of can add to a beneficial environment for Candida albicans. If your system was already susceptible to yeast then this environment would add to the susceptibility of your body to succumb to the infestation.



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    Summer, I had a horrible mold problem in my old apartment which I think is a major factor in why I got ill with candida. I likely had candida for the last decade because I’ve had reoccuring ringworm since I was 18 (now Im 28). I took tons of antibiotics as a kid and ate a poor diet that consisted of drinking a ton of alcohol and smoking a bunch. All of these factors probably led me to get ill with candida, but the mold is probably what put me over the edge.

    One thing I noticed when I got ill was that I felt good whenever I was not in my apartment but felt pretty bad when I was in my apartment. If you feel this way, I highly recommend doing something different if possible (its up to you what this may be). I had to move out of my apartment it was so bad and the mold then followed me into my car (which had a leaky sun roof). I used to hyperventilate while driving; I was so ill from my car that I used a paper bag to reduce the hyperventilation(which isn’t effective). I did an o2 treatment on my car and it was gone!

    There are a few ways to reduce mold in a setting but it is very difficult to get all of it effectively. One is light (UV), the other is to reduce moisture (dehumidifier), and the other is to kill it off with 02 (air). Antifungals are effective in killing surface mold such as tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, vinegar, etc.

    I feel that mold is the devil


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