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    It is getting to that time again during the year!

    If you have a poorly ventilated bathroom (one that doesn’t have a fan), you need to be very concerned about mold/mildew in your bathroom. If left untreated, it can completely coat the walls and everything inside your bathroom. Or even worse, it can spread throughout your apartment and/or pad and coat everything that you own.

    For instance, if you allow/get mold/mildew on your towel, and then use it to dry-off…guess what!? You feel completely itchy all day long because you are very sensitive to it because of candida. Congestion, headaches, etc are typicaly symptoms of being ill from mold.

    Mold can really set you back during the candida diet and its best to clean it with bleach/vinegar. If possible, have someone else do this because you can get ill from the dead mold in the air.

    Good bathroom paint can really help prevent mold from forming in your bathroom. For instance, Sherwin-williams has a great bathroom paint that has anti-mold properties(i once worked for them).

    Hope this helps; a little bit of a mold problem can turn into a major one really fast, so its best to be aware of it and take appropriate action.

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