Millet/Buckwheat Flatbread

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    I tried this recipe and it came out pretty good.


    1 cup of millet
    1 cup of buckwheat
    1 tsp of sea salt
    allowed herbs/spices of your choice to taste
    1 organic egg
    1 cup of warm water

    Add millet, buckwheat, sea salt and herbs to a bowl and mix well with your hand. Make a small hole in the middle and crack an egg inside. Mix the egg into the flour. Add a little water a bit at a time, and continue to mix until you start to get a thick dough. Leave for 15-30mins. Now you’re ready to make the flatbread. Pull off a small handful of dough and roll it into a ball, before flattening it with your hand. Roll it out flat with a rolling pin on a chopping board. You may need to flour the board to prevent sticking. Heat a pan/skillet, and then place your flatbread in the pan, heating each side for roughly 45-60 seconds on a medium-low heat. Once done, spread coconut oil/ghee on top and eat. Goes nicely with a chicken curry.


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