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    My search for the best supplements continues.

    The original milk thistle that I had was in alcohol:

    I returned this product and got Nature’s Way Milk Thistle and Chardon Marie instead, but I’m unsure if this is the best alternative. I’m concerned that it’s a gelatin cap…

    Can anyone give me some advice about a good brand of Milk Thistle? Yesterday, I had die-off and I haven’t been taking Molybdenum (on order), Milk Thistle (unsure of brand), or Swedish Bitters (purchased however) yet.


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    The Nature’s Way brand looks alright. It does contain millet, but I imagine it’s such a small amount you won’t even know you’ve had it, and millet would be better than some other ingredients I’ve seen added to herbs.

    Turmeric is just as effective at protecting the liver and it’s a stronger antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. But milk thistle is a better at regenerating the liver if there’s damage.



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    Thanks, Able.

    I do take Tumeric each day anyway, but I’ll add this in any way. It can’t hurt for a few weeks.



    Sonic Boom
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    Hmm, how long do you suppose one must take Milk Thistle to safely assume that any possible damage is repaired? I am thinking about switching to Turmeric supplements after a while.

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