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    ok my doctor has given me some d3 after a blood test showed i,m deficient. On the label it says do not take if allergic to soya, so i guess soya being off the menu on the diet i should just buy my own?

    Also do i need BOTH vit d and vit d3?

    I would like to get the following milk thistle as it seems like a solid product but i can’t find an ingredients list to find out if its soy based…

    If anyone can help would be very grateful.

    Thanks all.


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    It wouldn’t hurt to take both D and D3, but you should definitely take vitamin A if you’re going to take either of these. You can usually find a supplement containing both vitamin A and D in one soft-gel pill, and the soft-gel form is what you want to purchase.

    You may want to look for a milk thistle brand that has the ingredients listed.

    It can be difficult to find A, D, or D3 vitamin supplements that do not contain soy bean oil. I took one containing soy bean oil throughout my entire treatment and still managed to reach a cure. Sometimes the positive effects outweigh the negative, so you have to look at both sides.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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