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    Hey guys, first time poster here. I was going to go into a long backstory about my condition, but then I realized that nobody really cares about that so I’ll get straight to the point. I’m really frustrated because I just went to dentist probably two weeks ago and had two fillings put in. They were the silver kind and I had no idea about any of this heavy metal toxicity and relation to Candida. I already had some of those type fillings, not exactly sure how many, but the fact that I literally just got two put in and then I come to read about how you may not recover from Candida until you get your fillings removed is very frustrating. I also have adrenal issues and my body is in a pretty bad place overall, and now I learn that all my healing efforts could be for not due to something in my mouth. Much less, the fact that I just had two more put in and apparently they’re an unbelievable pain in the ass to remove. Does anybody have any first hand accounts of removal of fillings offering any relief? Or does anybody know if these claims I’m reading about hold any value? Sorry if this was poorly typed it’s late and this honestly has me super frustrated.


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    I had all of my mercury fillings recently removed and didn’t really get much better after that. But I plan on starting chelation next month. I made same mistake as you but as I got older I could afford to remove them. The silver fillings will deteriorate so you can just get them removed in 3-5 years, etc.


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    Raster you say you had them removed and it did nothing, but did you test your body for mercury? I purchased a heavy metal test kit and tested for high levels of mercury in my urine. I will also say the only thing that has brought me true relief to my candida is the addition of bentonite clay to my supplementation, I can actually eat some sugar now etc..I am going to be giving my savings to the dentist to remove my root canal metal-filled tooth as well as my other fillings the military blessed me with. I will not even have enough right now to remove them all, it’s absolutely disturbing. I can however confirm the link between mercury and candida. Upping my bentonite clay dose is the only thing that has helped and I feel better than I have in a long time, light is the best word I can use to describe it. Absolutely surreal that we live in a world where dentists fill your mouth with toxic waste. Good luck eburn.

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