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    I’m not even sure I have candida. I have IBS that could possibly be caused by it, but have no proof that it’s actually candida.
    Anyway, I’m combining this diet here with low-fodmap diet and so far so good. I eat a small serving of fruit every other day, which is forbidden on candida diet. I honestly don’t believe in “omg, you’re going to delay your recovery if you eat a fruit”. Why? Because a serving of fruit is still much lower in sugar than a standard unhealthy diet is and because our bodies are designed to eat sugar.
    During the cavemen era, people ate mostly protein, but gorged on carb loaded food whenever they could find it. So I believe that our gut microbiome is designed to be able to handle sugar and still function correctly.

    I must admit I am annoyed so much when I see posts here by people who claim they are “cured” when the only thing they reintroduced to their diet is rice or something. That is not the meaning of cured. The meaning of cured is to be able to eat a healthy balanced colorful diet and not avoid many many food groups.
    You may be symptome free, but you are not cured until you can actually sit down with other people and eat what’s on the table without it causing havoc.

    Where am I even going with this? Can anyone on this forum tell me how he CURED his candida? Diet is a good start, giving your body time to rest from processed food that’s unhealthy anyway. But I want to know is there anyone who actually ate pizza and icecream a couple of times a month and felt fine? Because that’s the meaning of cured, not being obsessed with what food will and won’t cause you symptoms, eating healthy for 90% of the time, but not in constant fear that a slice of pizza will kill you?

    P.S. I apologize for sounding angry or something. But reading this forum, I got the impression that being on a candida diet people start being afraid of food and even worse, scaring other people into being afraid of it too.


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    This forum is pretty dead – but I’ve found plenty of people that are cured and go back to their old eating habits. Plenty of people.

    There seems to be three groups of people – some can’t improve any of their symptoms, some get close to full recovery but never 100%, others make a full recovery and never return to anything to do with candida.

    Candida recovery is a personal experience and you need to experiment and come up with your own routine to walk away from this completely.


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    I agree with Gotshot26. Our bodies are much like fingerprints, maybe you should do less following and more tailoring. I can’t say I’m cured, but I do eat out and drink once or twice a month at best, I don’t push it. It wasn’t until I got proper testing then things changed. My doc swore I had SIBO. I had blood and stool testing done for Candida, My blood came back normal for IGE IGG but detected antibodies by IGM, stool came back positive AF for yeast, and my Food allergy for IGG came back high for yeast along with many other intolerances that didn’t make sense hence equating to leaky gut. It was confirmed I had Candida Overgrowth. I had spent the most part cleaning up my diet until i canceled c conventional medicine and got with a Naturopath so the detox was done, we jumped right into treatment. Eureka! My body responded immediately like someone had lifted a cloud off my head. You may not have Candida or your approach is wrong. Stress blocks healing so you can be doing all the right things but the fact you are stressed out about it is the one thing that will set you back. I learned the hard way myself.

    I will suggest you get off these forums and get a refund for what you can. Find yourself a good Naturopathic DR if possible if not get testing done to where your budget allows.

    Best of luck! Please stay positive you will find what ales you.


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    Thank you for both your answers 🙂

    I am not currently able to test for many things, as I am in university and have my finals now. Healthcare in my country is free but involves standing in a lot of lines, waiting for exams and tests and I don’t have time gor it now.

    I started the diet mostly for digestive issues, diarrhea and urgency. My doctor ran one test and just said it’s ibs. I haven’t led a normal life in two years because of it.
    I have to admit I am a sceptic and only believe classical medicine, so naturopathy will be my last resort.
    However, I’m combining the ibs diet (low fodmap) and candida diet and I am seeing improvement, just not complete and it’s driving me insane. Also, many foods cut out from candida diet and low fodmap are actually good food that feed the good bacteria so I’m afraid a really long time on this diet will do more harm than good.
    I think I will start adding foods that are forbidden but beneficial when I hit a two month mark.
    So far I did six weeks of diet, cheated once but nothing bad happened aside from a little bit of cramps, and am thinking of what more I can do to strenghten my gut microbiome.
    However, I’ll admit this diet whether or not is completely healthy is still much healthier than what I usually eat. So I guess I’m still doing something right.

    My post was mostly about some old forum users/posts who I’ve seen basically scare people that they will ruin all progress by eating a slice of pizza which I frankly don’t believe. Also, I believe fruit eaten on an empty stomach does a lot more benefit than harm, so once every three days I eat fruit.
    I was just frustrated that there are people here who say things such as “I adhered to the diet for a year, ate a cup of rice and ruined everything” which is just hilarious and mean they either don’t have a candida problem or they have something more (intolerances, some underlaying issue etc) or are just so scared of carbs they just think they feel bad. That’s not the life I want to lead and I am afraid with my history of eating disorders, this diet may take me back to some disordered thinking. I believe in balance in food and in life but have fallen into the google research spiral of death and am stressing over whether I should be doing something differently.

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