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    I am a 33 year old female. I think I may be suffering from a candida overgrowth. I was just diagnosed with a bacterial infection in what is left of my tonsils (put on a z pack) as well as yeast in my throat (put on nataxan mouthwash). I’ve had two urinary infections this year (only one other before). I’ve been losing weight and, though not dangerously underweight, I can’t really afford to lose more. I also have had a vaginal bacterial infection (just got off antibiotic for that two weeks ago). I have a lot of the symptoms described by candida overgrowth sites. My white blood cell count is in the low range as well. I have itchiness, a lot of stomach pains and horrible mentrual cycles. My typical day of eating looks like: about of cup of cereal (no milk) in the morning, 9-10 raw carrots wtih 2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter, some fruit and some veggie chips or tortilla chips in the afternoon and a spinach muffin or other carbs (I know, bad) later in the afternoon. Then half a sandwich and some veggies and fruit for dinner and a frappachino (also awful I know) and some cereal before bed. I am on synthroid for hypothyroidism most of my life, prilosec for about one year (for what the ent diagnosed as GERD, but perhaps may be related to the candida as well as a hiatal hernia) and fluoxetine. I nee dto work on this overgrowth, and have seen diet plans, but I’m afraid that on one of those diets, I may lose even more weight. I do not eat red meat or fish. I am wondering if anyone thinks a modiefied diet plan will work, rather than a strict cleanse. If anyone knows any linkks to meal plans, I would appreciate it!


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    We have a strict forum food list if you are interested. Email able900 if interested. I would also consider consulting a naturopathic doctor who can heal you holistically; heal your thyroid, digestive, bacterial, throat, and vaginal problems all at once.

    Your diet is not an anti-candida diet (FYI) and is simply making it worse.


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