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    So i’ve been having issues the last couple years, seen several specialists and no one can figure out whats wrong with me.
    My symptoms are mainly these:
    – episodes of hypoglycemia after eating, only by eating high sugary foods can i keep my blood sugar at safe levels with my meals.

    – irregular heart beat and heart palpitations
    – infrequent / frequent / soft and pale bowel movements ( Ocassionaly i have found what appears to be a white fungal material on my stool)
    – extreme fatigue, oversleeping, not able to sleep properly
    – re-ocurring rash on my chest
    – dry skin, red patches and extremely dry skin on scalp
    – mental fog
    – white flashes of light in my peripheral vision occassionaly
    – a full body mri has shown lesions on my brain, but they have been inconclusive

    So i’ve seen an internal specialist, 2 endocrinologists, cardiologist, and a neurologist. None of them have come up with any answers. They have done every test they can think of, including a spinal tap. I would have thought testing for this sort of thing should have come up, but maybe not? Anyways, Im a 25 year old male completely healthy otherwise. I Workout all the time to keep fit even though my blood sugar is always low and I am always fatigued. I’m about 6’1 , 170 lbs with about 6-8% bodyfat.
    So basically i was just wondering what you guys thought on my situation, could this possibly be due to candida overgrowth?


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    Definitely sounds like a candida overgrowth. Your story sounds a lot like my own. Start the diet and I’m almost positive most of your symptoms will eventually leave.


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    Are you doing too much, are you participating in too many activities? Do you feel the urge to always “do something”, to always be active and involved somehow?

    Do you feel you are in control of your life?

    Did you try changing your eating habits? This includes not only what you eat, but also how much you eat and when you eat. For me, reverting to a regular (as opposed to random) eating pattern helped me, and avoiding apples helped me even more.

    I had whitish material in my stool too. It was sent to a laboratory, and they found out that it was slime. Normally, such slime stays deep inside the intestines and is processed by the body before it reaches the exit. The irritations in my intestines (caused by irregular eating, stress, and eating apples) caused the slime production to increase, and also the speed with which the stool advanced through my intestines to increase, so the body had no time to reprocess this slime, especially because there was more of it than there normally should be.

    Said problems still occur every once in a while, but now I know they are temporary only, and I know how to favour my recovery: reduce stress, live and eat regularly, avoid apples.

    Of course, what works for me does not necessarily work for you. I’m telling you this just to give you some hints as to the direction where you could start searching too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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