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    Hi all, I haven’t posted for a while since I stopped the candida diet, and continued to eat most foods/allergens after not getting anywhere. I have a bizarre issue every time I start the diet my gut feels like it becomes cemented with concrete, completely lifeless with no movement or stimuli. No matter how much water or fibre I drink I remain constipated with an inanimate gut… my longest on a strict green veg/fish only diet lasted 5 days and I remained constipated the whole time. But the moment I bought some gummi bears I felt my stomach come alive again and finally a bowel movement! After experimenting these last few months I’ve come to the conclusion every time I start the diet my entire gut goes into a state of what’s called “peristalsis”.

    After giving up trying to figure out a way past this hurdle of a locked gut every time I attempt to begin the diet (whilst still waiting for my dr to accept my request for a full comprehensive dna stool analysis so I can figure out wtf is going on in my gut) I eventually stumbled across Manuka Honey in my local supermarket. The brand is very potent (raw 30+) and it’s a miracle cure, the first thing that’s ever actually been effective. I don’t understand how pure sugar can make me feel essentially cured it literally nukes the candida/bacteria like nothing else I’ve ever used. I feel it’s working despite eating buckwheat and brown rice and I couldn’t even touch anything but green veg before… everytime I feel a reaction on food I just nuke this honey and it ceases the movement, and then I feel neauses for 4-5hrs and have a bowel movement and feel absolutely incredible until I eat again and the cycle continues. I have been off allergens for 4 days, the honey is a god send it is somehow fermenting in the gut as well as killing the pathogens, therefore I get bowel movements which is incredibly lucky.

    Essentially all foods always fed candida for me, the green veg only diet essentially locked my gut and kept the bad food in my gut from 5 days ago getting me no further, it’s as though every time I severely attack it the candida locks my gut in an attempt to not be expelled or possibly retain the junk food? With the honey it can’t keep this defense up I literally take a tsp every time I feel my gut cementing up (now I’m off allergens these last few days) and I become unconstipated a few hours later after some odd pains, I’m starting to think it’s trapped gas or bizarre inflammation. I was curious about some bizarre things I’ve noticed during this whole experience.

    Has anyone ever gone off gluten or junk food, to feel absolutely incredible the following day, only to crash back to your old self despite not eating any more gluten junk food?? It’s as though after mistreating my body and starting the diet I get this incredible one day window of feeling like I’m 10 years younger (I’m only 25) and completely cured, on top of the world. I’ll eat a healthy green veg/fish lunch and dinner only to wake up regressed the next day… but I haven’t gone back to gluten or junk food grr.

    The other thing I’ve noticed on bad foods I have constant aches, sensations, gases and pains. When I start the diet I get REAL pains and sensations. I feel better overall I guess off bad foods but my god, just yesterday I was on the floor with a dull pulling ache from my gall bladder region ready to call an ambulance, I have an intermittent inguinal hernia that becomes ballistic in size during the diet every time, stabbing pains in chest, trapped gas and isolated feelings in the gut with severe pressure, I’ve never called an ambulance in my life despite having some close calls but this is ridiculous, I have the phone in my hand ready incase it gets 1% worse, it’s that bad, I remember this happening last time I tried the diet and I had bizarre dimples around my belly button from eating absolutely no sugar for 5 days… I felt like I was going to die so I caved in and the gummi bears cured me of constipation… Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Thank god for this honey is all I can say otherwise I’d still be forced to eat foods I’m allergic to, to stop my gut from locking up due to the candida or whatever it is!


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    I think that you likely have a co-infection like h.pylori, other bad bacteria, SIBO, etc. Anyways thats cool that the manuka honey worked out. I ‘m thinking about trying stuff like this out soon. You should look into royal jelly too if you want another honey based remedy, its the stuff fed to the queen bee.

    It appears it is highly anti-inflammatory and acts as an antibiotic and heals the gut. It also treats GI problems which is great.



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    I had digestive issues when I first started the diet — it took a couple of months to find a better dietary balance. Gas and constipation were frequent issues, to say the least.

    My system adjusted after about 3 months in (I’ve been at this over 5 months now). That said, I often take Intestinal Movement by HealthForce Nutritionals to help regulate elimination. It claims to be safe for daily use, unlike senna or other laxatives. I’ve been taking it for a few months now and have had no issues thus far. Taking 6-8 twice a day works well for me.

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