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    My earliest recollection of symptoms is 1985, after surgery. It’s possible it started before that.

    I’ve eaten healthfully for 25 years (avoiding dairy, sodium, fried, fat, processed, greasy, breaded, and sugary foods). Started organics ~10 years ago. Food allergies/restrictions have increased over time. Reintroducing foods causes reactions like swollen lids, runny nose, itchy eyes, lethargy, dry skin, bloating… (I have almost every candida symptom (if not all), by the way).

    Here’s where the diet frustration comes in. KNOWN allergies: Beef, eggs, whey, dairy, green and kidney beans, almonds, malt, yeast, carrots, cabbage… Nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes, eggplant) cause inflammation. Broccoli, spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, soy, sea vegetables…are thyroid suppressing for Hashimoto’s. My Dr. said I can eat 1 portion a day and be ok.

    Add the candida restrictions: (no grains, sugar, dairy—allergic, anyway, vinegar…) and I’m left with the following proteins: organic/antibiotic free – salmon, chicken, and turkey burgers. Unprocessed, sliced turkey labeled “not administered antibiotics” (as opposed to “not fed”) is impossible to find. The vegetables I’ve been mostly restricted to (sometimes unavailable) are artichokes, cucumbers, celery, beet greens. My staples were sweet potatoes, yams, squash, avocados (I don’t like zucchini much), but I’m restricted from those with the candida diet for at least a while longer.

    I also read an article which says that the real issue in candida is fat, not sugar, and to avoid (my staples) avocados and pumpkin seeds.

    Breakfast is challenging with an egg allergy and no grains(even quinoa causes my overgrowth) and eating other proteins becomes expensive and repetitious.

    Cravings: I don’t have crunchy, creamy, or sweet snacks to satisfy me, now, and get bored of celery. So I eat sunflower seed butter (too oily and bad for my liver), pumpkin seeds, taro chips (bloat me and cause heartburn even with HCL), goat yogurt (bloats me) — all in excess. I can’t find an HCL refill with no gelatin (beef allergy), porcine or magnesium stearate. (Does anyone know whether people allergic to beef (bovine) tend to also be allergic to pork (porcine)?)

    I’ve been doing the strict candida diet for about 5 weeks, now; feeling very fatigued nearly every day since adding pau de arco 2x day, milk thistle to 3x day, drinking detox tea/dandelion tea. Weight I’m gaining by binging due to few satisfying choices is bringing me down. The last 2 days I’ve been shaky. However, yesterday was the first time I didn’t feel the need for a nap. Does this indicate die off curtailing?

    I really need one on one help to know what I need to/can do to successfully turn around my symptoms. Though I prequalified my naturopath for treatment (asked if she was experienced), she is a newbie, and takes up to 2 weeks to respond to my messages. I’d asked close to a week ago (since I cheated on my birthday last month and partook in sweets) whether I could reintroduce sweet potatoes for more options (since I’ve been having supermarket meltdowns). No reply, yet. I live in the Denver area.

    Posting on this site feels like my last resort. I don’t want to give up. I want to conquer. I thank you, in advance, for your help!

    I guess what I’m looking for most of all are food suggestions based on the restrictions I’ve listed.


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    Hello, Candi, welcome to the forum.

    I obtained this comment from the website to which you referred:

    “To conclude, the advice I give to people who ask me about candida is to go on a really low-fat diet for a while, avoiding all oil, nuts and avocado.”

    All I can answer to that is, I cured my Candida infestation while eating two avocados a day, using lots of olive oil in baking a new loaf of coconut bread every few days, taking lots of oil of oregano, and taking up to 16 teaspoons of coconut oil every day for over a month; all of this was done during the period that the infestation was being cured.

    Nuts and seeds should be avoided because of the possibility of mold, not because of the oils.

    The bloating comes indirectly from the fact that you have a Candida overgrowth, not specifically the food. As the population of the Candida drops, this symptoms will occur less often.

    This is the protocol that people on the forum are using.

    An index of posts:

    Let us know if you have other questions.



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    That site came up before. The article contains a lot of inaccurate information about nutrition and science in general, and seems to be more of an advertisement than an information source. He claims it can resolve candida in a few days, yet nobody having done a fast or vegetable cleanse has experienced such miraculous results. How many of the countless women who mistakenly believe a low-fat diet will help them lose weight also happen to cure their thrush by the time they fit into their size 8 dress?

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