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    Although I have only started to cut out certain foods from my diet, I ended up losing eight pounds in one week. I actually think this has more to do with stress affecting my appetite rather than changes to my diet (I was still eating some millet & quinoa, and unwittingly, vinegar).

    I dealt with an eating disorder when I turned twenty and have been in recovery for nearly two years. That said, mood still has an influence over my appetite — if I am stressed out or depressed – and having ASD, this is often – I do lose my appetite.

    My diet looks like it will consist mainly of allowed vegetables, organic tofu, nuts, and seeds. I think it is fairly easy to sneak extra fat into my meals – tahini sauce on steamed vegetables, coconut curries, etc.

    I’m wondering, though, how many nuts am I permitted on this diet when it comes to aggrivating my candida? I have yet to see a specialist, and in fact, have only obtained a phone number today. I understand that, in the meantime, I cannot get an exact answer. But I would like an idea, just to try and play it safe. Any advice as limiting fats is welcome, as well.

    I cannot stand to lose more weight, and am especially concerned with my family becoming suspicious of my health when I’m really just trying to give my body some TLC.

    ((I will also note that any Phase I vegan recipes are welcome and appreciated – I consider myself a creative cook, but variety never hurts!))


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    Nuts contain some molds and seem to aggravate my condition. I use a lot of avocado for healthy fat and lift weights to keep weight on. The first 2 weeks on the diet my wife was getting concerned about the weight dropping off. I’m also a runner and had to stop for now till I can build up some more muscle. I eat lean organic meat so it’s not to hard to build muscle but without carbs the fat just comes right off so I started sprinting to build the dense muscle and have adjusted my workouts to heavier weights to also pack the dense muscle fiber on.
    Other than that eating a ton of organic salad just won’t make you fat.
    I drink a few beers here and there too! So if you work out don’t train to long and use heavy weight and you should bulk up a little, its very good for your organs and heart and bones.

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