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    Can I continue taking Natural Calm, which has the following ingredients:

    Mg Carbonate
    Citric Acid
    Organic natural raspberry and lemon flavours
    Organic Stevia

    I need the Mg supplement as I am deficient and get constipated without it.


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    I believe main the site referred to Citric Acid being derived from yeast.
    Besides that it should be good.

    I would get Raster or Able’s opinion as well.


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    Try Now Foods Magnesium Citrate powder instead. This is the one I use and is just pure magnesium citrate.


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    I tried Natural Calm for a couple days and it really didnt agree with my stomach. I assume it was from the citric acid or the carbonate. I would just try a strict magnesium only supplement with nothing else added.

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