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    Hey guys, I have been on the candida diet(able’s) for around 5 months now and am feeling MUCH better than when I started. I took the Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for a couple of months and got off of it completely about 3 weeks ago. Since then my Lymph nodes in my neck have swollen up quite a bit.

    There are 2 main ones that I can feel, one left side of neck, one right side of neck, about equal to where my jawline starts. The left one is about the size of 3 peas, or 1/2 a grape. The right one is about the size of a pea.

    I’ve been taking hot bath’s, rebounding on trampoline, and just today started increasing my Vitamin C dosage.

    Should I start taking the molybdenum again? I know it can suck good stuff out too so i was concerned about that. Any other ideas for helping my lymphatic system out!?

    Thanks a ton!!

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