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    I try not to post too much because I am not on the strict candida diet (everyone’s body is different, and the strict diet would cause unintended, negative health consequences for me), though I do avoid sugar, most dairy, starchy vegetables, and gluten.

    *Anyway*, I love hearing what supplements and such have helped other people, so I wanted to post to say that I took some Lufenuron, and it didn’t kill me (yet!). I was a little suspicious of this medication usually given to pets, but I tried it after reading Vaughter Wellness’s website.

    Also, diflucan for 30 days made me feel great, followed by ongoing daily doses of Nystatin (with Lufenuron thrown in). So far, I’ve found these medications to be indispensable to my feeling better, especially since I’m not doing the strict candida diet. I’ll probably end up doing a low sugar form of the low FODMAPS diet 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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